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Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition

SWCC is a grassroots organization in northwest B.C. which has twice earned the reputation as one of the top ten most effective and innovative organizations in Canada. They help support important groups like Madii Lii to fight liquid natural gas pipelines and the Klabona Keepers to protect the Sacred Headwaters. All while working to keep communities and youth connected to the watershed by getting them out on the land in rafts, on foot, or by horseback. They meld this with science, research and basic grassroots organizing for the full-meal-deal of kick ass conservation.

3-minute recipe to kick the world's largest oil company out of your watershed from Ardea Films on Vimeo.

How we helped

Lush Charity Pot supports the incredibly important and often under-funded direct activism that helps to stop bad development. They get in there and make a difference in a way few others dare. We are grateful for their spirit and determination to make this world a better place.

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