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Soi Dog Foundation’s mission is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Thailand, resulting in better lives for animal and human communities, to end animal cruelty, and to ultimately create a society without homeless animals. Soi Dog Foundation’s aims: - Rescue dogs from the cruel and illegal dog meat trade and eliminate that trade - Sterilize dogs and cats - reducing the overpopulation of suffering homeless animals - Help animals in disasters - Rescue and treat sick and injured street dogs and cats - Shelter and rehome animals in need - Provide public education to improve animal welfare

How we helped

We are extremely honoured to be approved for a grant from Lush Canada. This grant will be used to fund the lab – a very crucial facility, at the new Soi Dog hospital in Phuket. This lab will provide a massive increase in quantity and quality of life-saving medical care for dogs we rescue. Lush’s contribution will fully fund the construction and furnishing of the lab room, including the floor below it and ceiling above it, and furnishings and basic equipment. This is a long-term project – Lush’s contribution will help thousands of stray dogs every year for countless years into the future. The hospital (along with our aggressive street dog spay/neuter program) is a key component of Soi Dog’s work to establish a smaller, healthier dog population on the island of Phuket and throughout Thailand, and also in our work to treat dogs we rescue from the illegal and horrific dog meat trade. It will have huge sustainable benefits for countless years to come, and thousands of dog’s lives saved and suffering prevented. Education for the future is a key component of the function of the new hospital and as such, the lab will play a very important role not only in medical care, but also in education. It will be used to train vets from other countries, train Thai vets and vet students, and share knowledge among visiting vets and Soi Dog’s staff vets to improve the quality of animal care throughout Thailand and beyond. We at Soi Dog Canada strongly feel that only through education, especially for the younger generations (the future of animal welfare), will people start to view animals with more compassion. We feel this hospital project stands out as a very important project, largely due to its unique grass roots nature as a step toward better animal welfare in Thailand and beyond, and the huge scale of improved care for animals it will provide. Because of the lab and this innovative hospital, medical care will go from rustic conditions in a tiny facility (treatments often done on the floor!) to a well-equipped and modern facility. Lush’s contribution to the lab will have a very big impact on the development of animal welfare in Thailand.

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