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Sustainable Nations

Sustainable Nations is a Native Peoples nonprofit organization dedicated to the re-development of thriving, ecologically, culturally and economically sustainable Native Nations. We are guided by the understanding that culture and community relationships form the foundation of resilient, sustainable Nations, and should guide our path into the future. We provide professional training, consulting, and development support for Indigenous peoples in the revitalization of traditional knowledge, development of renewable energy, green and natural building, and ecological wastewater treatment.

How we helped

The donation from LUSH has enabled us to offer critical professional water conservation, rainwater catchment, and water re-use training for Native peoples in the Tucson area, including the installation of two gray water systems, one rainwater catchment jar, and the manufacture of rain water catchment jar re-usable forms to enable continuous access to rainwater jar construction on the Tohono O'odham reservation.

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