Tanker Free BC

Tanker Free BC was founded to ensure the stewardship of the Salish Sea. We strive to learn from the indigenous peoples of this land and work collaboratively with all people to support better alternatives to dangerous proposed pipeline and tanker projects. Our focus is on direct engagement of communities on the front lines of proposed tar sands pipeline and tanker infrastructure. We will provide specific proposals to help shift the conversation from simply saying no to being able to say yes to better alternatives that create jobs that we all can be proud of.

How we helped

"LUSH has been a big help to our campaign. Not only is the financial support playing a role in making our tour along the Kinder Morgan tanker route possible but beyond that the outreach to members of the LUSH community is helping the ongoing growth of the movement beyond fossil fuels. This is critical not only for the fight to protect our shores from an oil spill but also in the broader international need to do what is needed to address the climate crisis. The video and other content that is generated from our Salish Sea Tour this summer will continue to help in this ongoing movement growth. We look forward to continuing working with LUSH to make change for the better."

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