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At Teen emPower! we arm youth with essential and accurate information about reproductive health, building healthy relationships, sexually transmitted infection prevention, pregnancy prevention, effective communication, establishing boundaries and setting goals. Our efforts include leadership, team and asset building which create a solid foundation for confidence and positive self-worth. We teach all of this without judgment, shame, blame or guilt. In doing so, we supply tools to make better choices. When teens make decisions based on confidence and accurate information rather than ignorance, high-risk behaviors decrease and awareness of long-term consequences and life goals increase.

How we helped

Teen emPower! is very successful in our mission to emPower teens to make healthy choices through life-skills education. One very key element of that success is utilizing teens to teach teens. This grant provides an opportunity for us not only to train peer educators the curriculum they will teach in the classroom, it also provides opportunities for leadership, team and asset building. The setting for the retreat is instrumental in preparing our amazing group of teens for their mission to help change the world for the better.

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