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Fundacion Terrazul

Terrazul Foundation was founded in 2001 as a NGO to promote projects oriented to helping rural communities through innovative thinking supported in science and technology in La Guajira, Colombia. Various partnerships with local authorities and public institutions have been established to undertake activities directed to this purpose. Our main project has been developing nutritional supplements that can be obtained in artisanal forms. Particularly important is the development of Spirulina to combat malnutrition in our region. Terrazul Foundation works alongside with communities (indigenous) to apply their traditional knowledge to our scientific thinking to make our projects environmentally and socially sustainable.

How we helped

The donation from Lush Handmade Cosmetis to Fundacion Terrazul´s project to assist Wayuu children to aid to combat undernourishment in the region, has been crucial to facilitate our artisanal Spirulina to make this superfood available as a nutritional supplement for the Wayuu indigenous children of La Guajira, Colombia. In the near future we can expect the reduction of severe malnutrition in children and infants at the project´s area in the Riohacha municipality.

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