Texas Gun Sense

Texas Gun Sense is a statewide nonprofit 501c3 organization. Our mission is to reduce gun violence by promoting effective gun laws through research and public awareness. We give the public resources and information about gun violence and prevention and about federal, state, and local gun policy. We facilitate the Texas Coalition to Reduce Gun Violence, bringing stakeholders together to explore policy solutions to gun violence. We advocate for sensible gun law reforms and are a reliable source of information to state and local policymakers. We supply the press with information on gun violence and policy issues that impact Texans. Our goal is to better protect children and families by preventing suicides, accidents and homicides and making public safety a priority for Texas leaders.

How we helped

Lush's support will strengthen our presence at the Texas Capitol in the 2017 legislative session. It will allow us to be more visible and vocal about gun policies that will threaten public safety. It will ensure that the average Texan who believes in sensible gun policies has a voice. Moreover, it will better enable us to move six gun violence prevention bills forward. Raising awareness about these issues in Texas, and passing gun safety legislation will help make communities safer and save lives.

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