The Worldwide Fistula Fund

The Worldwide Fistula Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing life-saving obstetric fistula surgery for women in sub-Saharan Africa and other developing areas. The mission of the WFF is to promote excellent, ethical, comprehensive care for women with obstetric fistula. Their strategy is to band together and support a network of committed individuals with fistula expertise who share this common ideal.

How we helped

Through Charity Pot, LUSH donated funds towards the Social Reintegration Program at The Danja Fistula Center in Niger for 1 year. The Danja Fistula Center not only offers a comprehensive range of short and long-term services to women suffering from fistula, but also functions as a training and research center for medical professionals. Over the coming years, the WFF hopes to advance the message of hope and healing by replicating this Center in other developing nations around the world.

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