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The SOLD Project

The SOLD Project prevents child exploitation and trafficking in Northern Thailand by providing educational scholarships and culturally relevant programs for vulnerable children, youth and their communities. SOLD began with a short documentary film exposing the risks of child sex workers in Thailand. A common origin story became apparent, and it was clear that education and opportunity were the missing links for these children. Our holistic prevention programs began with scholarships for at-risk children and youth. In 2013, they expanded to include Sustainability Programs that equip communities with economically beneficial and ecologically sustainable training, farming practices and business opportunities.

How we helped

Lush's generous donation will enable the creation of an Eco-Agricultural Learning Center. The center incorporates five innovative and ecologically sustainable farming practices perfect for Northern Thailand and many other regions in Southeast Asia: integrated agriculture, organic agriculture, natural agriculture, agroforestry and New Theory Agriculture. The five approaches have been proposed as ways to help both small scale and family farmers. The Learning Center offers a unique space to support the large rural and farming population (overwhelmingly small scale) of the Chiang Rai region of Northern Thailand. Not only will the Learning Center generate learning and collaboration, it will also teach the communities we work in farming practices that are sustainable for the long term. Lush's generous support will help get the Eco-Agricultural Learning Center up and running, providing needed support as the Learning Center moves towards economic self-sufficiency.

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