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The Toronto Green Community Inc.

Provides the following initiatives: - Community Garden which engages children and adults in ecological gardening methods. - Lost River Walks which explore buried waterways in order to connect us to our watersheds and motivate action towards a restored ecosystem. - Eco-Gift Wrapping service which fosters waste reduction during the holiday season. - Rivers Rising project which uses storytelling to connect community gardens, lost rivers watersheds, and newcomer and Indigenous communities to encourage community-led eco-initiatives towards a blue-green city while developing an eco-tourism social enterprise.

How we helped

This grant supports our long-term objectives as well as bolstering the organization’s sustainability by helping us to: - encourage local community leadership and mentorship - enhance ability for neighborhood-based storytelling reflecting the intersection of food, water, environment and culture (newcomer and Indigenous) - create tools to capture and share these stories widely (videos to be posted on new website and app) - enhance knowledge of the common and divergent histories, cultures and current experiences of Indigenous peoples and newcomers - increase awareness of and involvement in environmental actions by community members who have not traditionally been engaged - support future blue-green infrastructure and local, sustainable food projects to maintain community engagement and interaction - develop an eco-tourism social enterprise to maintain this initiative and sustain the organization

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