Tin Tad Clinic

Tin Tad Clinic was established along the Thai-Burma border and run by members of the displaced Shan community. For 20 years, Tin Tad Clinic has provided community-centered primary health services, while also closely monitoring the health situation of the community and responding in a culturally appropriate and innovative fashion. Objectives and programs include primary health services, HIV program, improving health knowledge, improving the health status of women (including family planning services, supplementary feeding and growth monitoring of young children), and child health services.

How we helped

"1. Shan migrants in Fang have access to free medical services and increased access to culturally appropriate health education. 2. Seriously ill patients are assisted to receive specialized care at Thai public hospitals. To assist with additional expenses such as transportation and food for migrants requiring services at these hospitals, expenses which often pose significant barriers, particularly for the most vulnerable migrants and those requiring longer-term follow-up. 3. Shan women will receive contraception of their choice for family planning. Men are encouraged to use condoms for child spacing and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS; stigma against condom use is addressed. 4. Childhood malnutrition is reduced. 5. More migrant children will be able to access basic preventive health interventions, such as childhood immunizations, deworming treatment, and vitamin A supplementation. 6. The clinic is able to provide voluntary, confidential HIV/AIDS diagnosis and counseling. Those requiring treatment of HIV or its associated conditions will be able to access such. 7. Health staff will regularly receive training to improve their skills, competencies, and knowledge base. 8. More marginalized populations within the Shan migrant community, particularly recent arrivals, will receive access to basic health care services and education."

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