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Our mission at Toxic Free NC is to engage North Carolinians in the transition to a toxic-free society through initiatives that promote human and environmental health. We Value: • Universality of Human Rights: Everyone has a right to an environment free of toxicants • Sustainability: Current needs must be met without jeopardizing the health or available resources for future generations • Accountability: Information about toxicants should be publicly available to all North Carolinians • Accessibility: Information about toxicants should be accessible to all North Carolinians • Vitality: Socially, economically and environmentally friendly products should be promoted, with emphasis on small and moderate scale local production

How we helped

This donation from Lush allowed Toxic Free NC to build support and awareness for a recent rally we hosted, as well as provide the materials needed to effectively demonstrate outside of Bayer Crop Science's North American headquarters. As the largest producer of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides, and located just 30 minutes from the NC capitol, we aim to raise awareness about their role in the destruction of our food and ecosystems. Further, Lush has provided funding for a film crew to capture the rally, which will then be shown across the state as a part of our workshop on pollinator decline and how people can get involved. This funding will help shed light on an issue industry wants kept in the dark.

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