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Traveling Animal Protection Society

TAPS is a grassroots, all-volunteer organization headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania working to end the use of animals in traveling circuses. TAPS engages in local action including organizing protests of circuses, conducting year-round educational outreach, and placing advertising against animal circuses on public buses. We also offer national support by providing up-to-date information about traveling circuses on our website for citizens to use to organize protests in their local communities. Our ultimate goal is to permanently ban the use of all animals in circuses mandated through legislation.

How we helped

TAPS is currently working to enact a city-wide ban on animals in circuses in Philadelphia. Funding from Lush will support a survey of Philadelphia residents’ attitudes towards traveling circuses, live animal acts and the use of weapons by animal handlers. Information from the survey will be used both to craft educational efforts targeted at the public and to draft a proposal for presentation to key lawmakers.

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