Under the Same Sun

In many parts of Africa, people with albinism are misunderstood, disadvantaged, and even attacked and killed, their body parts sold to witch doctors for “magical” charms and potions. We dream of a day when persons with albinism will take their rightful place in every level of society and the days of discrimination will be a faint memory. Under The Same Sun works to: - Create awareness about the truths about albinism - Advocate and provide support for people with albinism facing danger and discrimination - Empower people with albinism through education and job skills training

How we helped

The Lush grant will enable us to embark on an 18-day Understanding Albinism tour in rural and urban centers in northeastern Tanzania. This tour will educate the public about albinism in order to bring about increased awareness and changes in attitudes and behaviours towards people with albinism. We will present the tour to 3,000 to 4,000 people directly, and through radio presentations, our messaging will reach many thousands more. The grant will also allow us to work in two high-risk regions of the country to socially and economically empower 60 women who have albinism or children with albinism to become advocates for change in their communities. These women are ostracized from family and neighbourhoods due to the stigma associated with albinism. The women will form a support network for one another, receive training to understand albinism and to advocate for justice and the rights of people with albinism, as well as to train others. They will also join an entrepreneurship skills training and support program to enable them to become economically self-sufficient. With their new skills, knowledge and support network, they will become powerful advocates and change agents in their communities and beyond.

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