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Urban Paradise Guild, Inc.

Urban Paradise Guild, Inc. (UPG) is an organization dedicated to bringing natural habitats back to the places where we live. With enough dedicated effort, we can transform cities into Urban Paradises where the human and natural worlds can blend more harmoniously. We believe that by making small accommodations for nature, we can gather a bounty of dividends that improve our quality of life. We work in the urban areas of Miami-Dade County. Our current project is to create a garden center inside a county park, a 2.5-acre campus for environmental and human sustainability. When we’re finished, at least 300 low income families living in the area will each have their own Family Garden for growing organic vegetables, along with the educational support, seeds, tools, workshops and other resources to ensure their success. Children will benefit from the nutrition from their fresh produce, and their young minds will be stimulated through experiential education and teachable moments while surrounded by wildflowers and butterflies.

How we helped

Thanks to Lush’s support, UPG is taking big steps! We’re going to double the number of gardens built and upgrade the existing ones with drip irrigation systems. Electrical power will be added so we can drill a well paid for by another grant. Enabling wireless Volunteer Management will save time and paper, and will ensure the logistics to keep us working are sustained. All of this will allow us to establish proof of concept so we can seek funding to offer gardens to 300 low income families!

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