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The Vancouver Street Soccer League (VSSL) is a volunteer organization that empowers people suffering from or are at risk of homelessness, addiction and mental illness through the power of sport and the community it fosters. We address these challenges through inclusiveness and soccer believing we can enhance all lives through fair play, community building, fitness development, supportive partnership, and health and safety. Street soccer has empowered players to become who they deserve to be. The VSSL believes that the greatest support a person can receive is the opportunity to help themselves with the support and encouragement of a strong community.

How we helped

"The Lush donation has enabled the VSSL continue the important work of recruiting new players to join the league and experience the benefits that support and community provide. Much of the recruiting has been carried out by two senior players who have been empowered and learned valuable skills including organization, planning, budgeting, coaching and mentoring. They have built a strong connection to the Downtown Eastside community and are affectionately known as the 'soccer guys'. This donation will allow them to maintain this momentum and bring more marginalized people into the street soccer family. Alongside the coaches, VSSL will continue to build relationships with shelters. We know from direct experience that our program can change lives and improve both physical and mental health. While we know we can't end homelessness, we do believe our work to play a small but important role in uplifting the lives of Vancouver's most marginalized community."

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