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Victory Community Development Society

Victory Community Development Society (VCDS) exists to alleviate poverty by empowering locals and communities in Wollo Province, Northern Ethiopia. We work in the town of Woldia and Yerah, a rural mountain village within Guba Lafto region. Our goal lies in making a difference for tomorrow by investing today in the lives of the disadvantaged, the innumerable children who have been orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic that has hit Ethiopia hard. With the community including the caregivers of the children, typically grandparents, VCDS employs a grassroots approach to provide a helping hand that supports meeting their daily needs and education.

How we helped

"LUSH has and continues to play a very important and vital role in helping VCDS fulfill its mission of supporting those at risk, restoring their dignity and helping them develop the means for self-reliance. In the Village of Yerah, the support of LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has enabled us to provide four classrooms, and washroom facilities for boys and girls. In the coming year, through the generosity and commitment of LUSH, VCDS will be constructing a community hall in the town of Wolida, which will be used as a gathering place for communal activities, and will house a training and traditional crafts centre. "

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