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Victory for Animals Society

Victory for Animals (VFA) Society rescues domestic canines, felines and other animals. They work to prevent animal cruelty and arrange medical treatment for rescued and adopted animals, and also find suitable homes for them not only in Canada, but also from the dog meat trade in Thailand and Korea. They provide education to school children and the public about the basic needs of animals and how to prevent animal cruelty. Their goal is to open up a compassion center where unwanted animals and foster children can help each other heal.

How we helped

Without the support of Lush, we might not have been able to continue efforts in the rescue of many animals. We have had zero support from any other companies thus far and when we found out that Lush was going to help support our efforts we could not believe our ears. With the support from Lush we will now be able to print educational materials for a in school programs, we will be able to send out many needed flyers and print banners and posters for our upcoming demonstrations, we can now order t-shirts, pins and promotional materials to get our name out there and help raise awareness to the cruel dog meat trade. We are truly grateful for the support that Lush has given us and VFA Society thanks Lush from the bottom of our hearts. Because of the support from Lush, Victory for Animals Society will be able to continue rescuing many abused and abandoned animals.

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