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Born in Sri Lanka, sold to the Edmonton Valley Zoo, Lucy arrived here as a two year old baby. Why she was taken from her mother so young remains obscure but this is not unusual in the zoo and captivity industries. Elephants, large and charismatic, are huge attractions and most zoos don’t consider themselves a “real” zoo without one in their “collection”. Not long ago, zoos would go to any length to acquire an elephant, often requiring unspeakable cruelty and doing business with questionable animal dealers. Lucy is now 38, the best years of her life taken away to serve as an attraction.

How we helped

Funds from Charity Pot were put towards the Free Lucy Campaign, a 38-year-old elephant being kept in captivity at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. The aim is to have Lucy retired and moved to the PAWS Sanctuary in California where she can begin to heal.

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