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Voters Taking Action on Climate Change

Voters Taking Action on Climate Change provides opportunities for the public to express concern to government and demand strong policies to fight climate change. VTACC strives to help the public, media and government connect the dots between the urgent need for action to avoid a climate disaster and fossil fuel export projects that will make climate change worse. VTACC is a nimble, grassroots, all-volunteer organization that is able to act quickly to draw attention to fossil fuel export proposals that put our communities -- and our climate -- at risk.

How we helped

VTACC's work is all about building awareness of the need for action on climate change and the risks that fossil fuel exports pose for our climate. We strive to inspire people to get informed and take action on the key issue of our time. It's crucial that we do this work in the public realm. Our collaboration with Lush will help increase awareness of the risk that US coal exports pose for our communities and the climate. Just as important, our collaboration with Lush will help legitimize this work for people who wouldn't otherwise hear about our efforts. Lush's support provides a huge boost to our profile. Thanks!

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