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VulPro gives vultures a second chance in life. Even when injuries make them unable to survive in the wild, they can still play a role in saving their species. We currently house over 130 injured and non-releasable vultures. To give them the best possible life in captivity, we facilitate appropriate or "wild-like" social interactions. They choose their own mates and breed. Every pair is allowed to raise their own chicks, all of which are eventually released back into the wild to support dwindling populations.

How we helped

Lush’s donation and support of VulPro’s work is invaluable in helping us to identify and mitigate problematic power line structures that are responsible for horrific injuries such as wing fractures resulting in amputation, electrical burns and death by electrocution. We will also be conducting our vital colony monitoring census to assess the Cape Vulture breeding population and the success or failure thereof and reasons for declines and threats specific to each colony as well as the mitigation of these threats. These are vital factors ensuring the survival of our vultures. When population numbers at a colony drop too low, the colony disbands and the site becomes extinct. Tree nesting vulture species surveys are currently lacking and thus, VulPro aims to close this gap. We gather important population breeding data in three locations both inside and outside of protected areas; surveying successes, declines and threats leading to failures and fatalities and to mitigate against these threats to reduce ongoing declines. Lush’s support will also enable us to conduct a training course in captive breeding in order to assist other conservation programmes to effectively breed endangered species for release. VultureMap is an incredibly exciting initiative that VulPro, the Animal Demographic Unit (ADU) and Lush will be undertaking to facilitate the assimilation of data and statistics in order to generate a map that the public can follow regarding vulture populations, numbers and colony status.

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