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Wangki Tangni is a local Indigenous women’s organization based in Waspam, Nicaragua. Its mission is to advance the human rights, health, economic and social development of Indigenous Peoples and multi-ethnic communities, and promote cultural preservation. Wangki Tangni plays a unique role on the North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, offering programs, building local infrastructure and institutions, and providing essential coordination between numerous Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations. Through its ongoing partnership with MADRE, an international women's rights organization, Wangki Tangni has also acquired the capacity to advocate for Indigenous women's rights at the international level, inlcuding the United Nations.

How we helped

Held every year since 2008 in the remote Indigenous community of Waspam on the North Atlantic coast of the country, the annual Indigenous Women’s Forum brings together nearly 1,000 participants including members and leaders of Indigenous Miskito communities, representatives of local government, and experts in women’s rights, health and environmental conservation. Thanks to Charity Pot’s support, MADRE and Wangki Tangni will sponsor participants to attend the multiple roundtable discussions, debates and trainings organized during the Forum. The goal is to help build Indigenous women's capacity to advocate for better policies and help increase their access to justice.

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