Waterkeeper Alliance

Waterkeeper Alliance is the world’s fastest growing environmental movement, with over 260 local Waterkeepers patrolling and protecting glaciers, rivers, lakes and coastal regions around the world - all focused on issues affecting our waterways, from pollution to climate change. To champion clean water and strong communities, Waterkeeper Alliance connects and supports Waterkeepers in protecting communities, ecosystems, and water quality; promoting a citizen action based model for watershed protection; and advocating for issues common to local Waterkeepers. Our vision is for swimmable, drinkable, fishable waterways worldwide.

How we helped

"Waterkeeper Alliance will expand efforts to address the growing threats to the Himalayan Glaciers and its rivers that provide fresh water to nearly half the world’s population. The grant will provide regional member organizations with the training, materials and equipment required to systematically collect water quality monitoring data and other evidence of the impacts of plastic pollution and climate change. Waterkeeper Alliance, with at least three expert trainers, will travel to Ladakh, India, to provide training for staff of Himalayan Glacier Waterkeeper, its 10 Waterkeeper Affiliate organizations, and, if possible, other Waterkeepers in the region (from Nepal and Bhutan). Waterkeeper Alliance will also provide training and materials for the Drukpa ‘kung-fu nuns’ who help lead Eco Pad Yatras - foot journeys throughout the Himalayas where they collect trash along the way and educate communities about its harmful impacts to their environment and health. Armed with the scientific evidence of the impacts of plastic pollution and climate change, these organizations will then be able to more effectively advocate for investments in public waste collection, treatment systems, and other water quality protection initiatives throughout this vital region."

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