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Beagles forced to run on treadmills until they have heart attacks. Cats deafened and starved to death. Primates forced to smoke crack and heroin. Every year, taxpayers are forced to pay over $12 billion for experiments on animals. White Coat Waste Movement is the only campaign dedicated to ending the root of this problem: wasteful government spending. When we cut wasteful government spending, we save animals and your tax dollars. National Review calls it: "a refreshing consensus-building argument.” Join us in the taxpayer revolt to cut worthless and shameful government animal experiments. The animal revolution begins here.

How we helped

With Lush’s strategic partnership, White Coat Waste Movement is developing a 21st-century campaign with state-of-the-art techniques honed at the highest levels of politics and public affairs. Through opposition and policy research, coalition building, data-driven advertising and targeting, we’re laying the groundwork for an unprecedented advocacy campaign in 2016 and beyond. The Lush team will also partner as grassroots "White Coat Warriors” by serving as ambassadors and evangelists for cleaning up the senseless waste and abuse. Together we’re forging a national army to end the government's secretive and out-of-control $12 billion+ annual taxpayer-funded animal experimentation budget.

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