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The Wild Equity Institute is building a more sustainable and just world for people, and the plants and animals that accompany us on Earth. They believe that grassroots conservation and social justice movements have a shared moral foundation: equity and the desire for a more just and fair world. Their purpose is to unite these movements into a powerful force that creates a healthy and sustainable community for all. Projects use innovative education programs, science-based administrative petitions, and vigorous enforcement of environmental laws to address inequitable relationships across our human communities and improve our relationship to the land.

How we helped

"Lush's contribution to Wild Equity has advanced their campaign to create a new national park in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sharp Park, located in Pacifica, CA but owned by the City and County of San Francisco, was once a vibrant wetland complex and home to two of the Bay Area's most wondrous and imperiled animals: the San Francisco garter snake and the California red-legged frog. Over many years San Francisco drained the wetlands to build a golf course—a grave ecological and economic mistake. The golf course floods every year when the winter rains come and golf course operations kill both of these endangered species. Moreover, San Francisco taxpayers foot the bill for the course and it loses money every year: between $100K and $300K of general fund money is used to subsidize this endangered species killing golf course in another county. A partnership with Lush helps Wild Equity Institute document the financial and ecological consequences of San Francisco's continued operation of the golf course. By funding independent financial reviews of the course's subsidies and keeping biological monitors on the ground, WEI can keep track of the golf course's illegal wildlife killing. Lush is also helping WEI promote a new vision for the land: transforming Sharp Park into a national park everyone can enjoy, including endangered species. WEI is printing brochures that demonstrate what this new national park will look like, and describing the recreational, environmental and economic benefits that it will provide thanks to funding from Lush."

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