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Women's Earth Alliance (WEA) works to reverse the effects of climate crises in the world’s most vulnerable communities by training women to regenerate food, water and clean energy sources. Women are hit hardest by the climate crisis and risk their lives every day, just to source basic needs for their families and their communities. WEA believes that when we invest in women, the whole community can transform. We deliver technical, survival and entrepreneurial training to women leading change in these climate impacted communities. When women thrive, communities thrive!

Women's Earth Alliance: From Ripple to Wave from WEA on Vimeo.

How we helped

WEA’s Southern India Women, Food, and Climate Change Initiative will provide a year-long capacity-building training in partnership with Vanastree, a Southern Indian NGO based in Karnataka. Together, we aim to build a cadre of informed and resourced women leaders throughout Southern India and to launch sustainable farming and natural resource management projects supporting climate change solutions for women farmers and their communities.

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