Covid-19 FAQs

How it affects us, and you

Just like you, we're taking everything day by day. This is your best resource for all of the updates, information and news about what's happened with Lush as we all navigate the Covid-19 epidemic.

Whether our stores are open or closed, how long orders take to arrive and what we're doing to help the community around us...the answers to all of these will be found below.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support. We're all in this together.

Company updates

Major updates on the status of our stores, manufacturing and fulfillment centers. We're taking everything day by day and keeping the health and safety of our staff, customers and community at the fore of all of our decision-making. As soon as anything changes, you'll find it here.

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What’s the best way to contact Customer Care?

If you have an urgent request or question, we ask that you give us a call or use the webchat function. Both have about a one-hour wait time at the moment.

When will I get my package once it's shipped?

Right now, you should expect about a three-week wait from when you place your order to when you receive it. Why? We ensure that our order fulfillment staff are able to socially distance for their safety (and yours). This means that orders are taking a little longer to make, pick and pack. Then shipping is taking a little longer as well, as many delivery companies are also facing similar restrictions and higher order volumes.

Why do I have two charges on my credit card statement?

When you place most online orders, your order is "preauthorized" on your card. This means that the money is being held by your bank, but not charged by us, until the order is confirmed and in our fulfillment process. At that point, the preauthorized amount is released and then the charge goes through.

Still have questions about how Covid might delay your order?

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Product donations in our communities

Help the helpers

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Lush scent-free soap

Made just for hospitals, clinics and community groups