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Cult Classics

That's what they said


Chosen by our real-world trendsetters, these iconic products have earned five-star ratings and stood the test of time. Cult Classics are not born that way...they earn their title from Lushies like you.


Honey I Washed My Hair

This hidden gem has proven to be one of our most-loved products with thanks to its bestselling honey-toffee scent. A blend of honey, bergamot and sweet wild orange oil will leave your hair soft, bouncy and smelling irresistible.

Fair Trade Honey
Fair Trade Honey
Highly moisturizing, softening and cleansing properties for skin and hair.
Bergamot Oil
Bergamot Oil
Adds shine by encouraging the hair's cuticle to lie flat and reflect more light.
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Honey, I can't stop washing my hair!

I never thought I would use the word "luxurious" to describe a shampoo, but here we are. I love Lush's shampoo bars for my pixie cut, but this one is extra special. The scent is lovely and it gets a good lather.





This hardworking little bee has definitely earned the title of Cult Classic. Ground almonds and coconut shells combined with honey, cocoa butter and shea butter result in the perfect moisturizing exfoliation.

Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter
Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter
A non-greasy butter that hydrates and leaves your skin supple and smooth.
Ground Almonds
Ground Almonds
A natural, effective and gentle exfoliation for the smoothest skin.
5 out of 5 Customer Rating


As someone with very dry skin, if I could give this 6 stars I would. So moisturizing. So exfoliating. Leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturized ALL day. Bonus: it smells so good you'll never want to smell like anything else. By far one of my favorite Lush products of all time, it has become a must-have in my daily routine.




Cult Classics

When it comes to seriously swoon-worthy Lush products, these hidden gems take the cake.


Angels on Bare Skin

Face And Body Cleanser
Balancing lavender luxury

Ocean Salt

Face And Body Scrub
Brightening lime scrub

Dream Cream

Body Lotion
Ultra soothing cream

Mask Of Magnaminty

Face And Body Mask
Deep-cleansing minty scrub


Bath Bomb
Cosmic mint bathing


Hair Moisturizer
Tropical leave-in


Bubble Bars
Sunny, citrusy bubbles