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ReFresh FAQ


How to use

What is ReFresh?
ReFresh is a convenient, commitment-free subscriptions service that ensures you never go without your favorite products.

How do I join ReFresh?

  • Choose the product, set how often you'd like to receive it and it'll be automatically sent on the ReFresh date. That way you never run out of your must-haves.
  • On a product page: Click the dropdown bar located next to "Ship to home" and you can choose how frequently you'd like the product delivered—from "buy once" (if you don't want to begin a subscription) or deliver every month, every two months or every three months (if you do want to begin a subscription).
  • In your shopping cart: When you have items in your shopping cart, products eligible for subscription will have an option to buy once or deliver every month, every two months or every three months.

Do I need an account to join ReFresh?

Yes. If you don’t already have an account, we'll ask you to create one when checking out.

Payments, shipping and costs

What's the minimum order cost?
There is no minimum order requirement. You can subscribe to a single bath bomb or a full skincare routine. The choice is yours.

Is there a fee to join?
Nope! You'll only ever be charged for the products you order and any applicable shipping costs.

Which payment methods do you accept for ReFresh?
We accept all credit cards at checkout, but cannot use gift cards and Visa Debit cards to set up recurring ReFresh subscriptions.

Do you accept AfterPay for ReFresh orders?
Not at this time. We accept all credit cards, but cannot apply AfterPay to a recurring subscription purchase.

Will I be charged shipping for my ReFresh order?
Shipping for ReFresh orders will follow the same rules as regular orders. If your cart value qualifies for free shipping on the date it's sent, you'll receive free shipping. Otherwise, you'll be charged.

When will I be charged for my ReFresh order?
You'll be charged as soon as your order ships out.

What happens if my credit card is expired?
If your credit card is about to expire, we'll send you an email both 15 and five days before expiry asking you to update your details with a new valid card. To do this, log into your account, go to Subscriptions, click 'Edit' and update your credit card there.

Can I pick up my ReFresh order in-store?
No. We can only ship ReFresh to your provided address. It's not eligible for in-store or contactless pickup. 

Edits, cancellations and changes

Can I change my shipping method?
No. Your order will continue to be sent with the shipping method requested when you made your initial ReFresh order.

Which products are eligible for ReFresh?
Almost all year-round products are eligible. Exceptions include: gifts, knot-wraps, fresh face masks, perfumes, tins, canvas bags, limited-edition and seasonal products because we can't guarantee stock and availability year-round.

What happens if my product is discontinued or goes out of stock?
If your product is discontinued, we'll cancel your ReFresh subscription permanently. If your product is out of stock on the date it's scheduled to be sent, we'll pause your ReFresh subscription for that time period and send your order on the next ReFresh date (if available).

How do I make changes to my shipping, billing or payment information?
Head to MyAccount on the Lush website. Click on 'Manage Subscriptions', then click 'Edit'.

Can I cancel, skip or pause at any time?
Absolutely! You set the frequency when you order, but can make changes whenever you like from the Manage Subscriptions tab in MyAccount up to 48 hours before your order is scheduled to ship. After that time, please contact Customer Care to see if it's still possible to cancel, skip or pause your order. If it has already shipped, we can no longer skip, pause or cancel but you can return it for refund.

Can I add additional products to my ReFresh subscription?
No, but you can always set up a brand new subscription with new products. And you can remove individual products from your existing subscription, but you can't add new products to an ongoing order.

Can I change the quantity or size of my ReFresh products?
Yes! You can change the quantity you wish to receive, and the size (if varying sizes are available for that product) at any time in the 'Manage Subscriptions' tab of MyAccount.

Returns and refunds

Can I return any of my ReFresh products?
You definitely can. Simply contact Customer Care to set up a return if you're unhappy with your ReFresh order for any reason.