Pollinators Make It Possible

Pollinators are critical to food and ecosystems

Pollinators are responsible for one out of every three bites we eat—making the very foundation of our food possible.

Between 75-95% of flowering plants need pollinators to thrive.

More than 200,000 species of pollinators are critical to the growth of our food supply.

Pollinator populations are on the decline and it's critical we protect them.

Float away with soothing rose oil knowing 100% of the sale price of our Rose Butterfly Bath Bomb (minus the taxes) supports Pollinator Partnership and other organizations working to protect pollinators.

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The Power Of Pollinators

Vicki Wojcik, PH.D. from Pollinator Partnership shares with us why pollinators are so vital, the critical state of their populations and how we can help.

Pollinators are the tiny champions of our entire ecosystem.

The diversity of pollinators goes beyond bees. Discover the many species responsible for pollinating plants we rely on in our everyday lives.


Hummingbirds Pollinate Papaya

Did you know hummingbirds pollinate papaya trees? Without their help, papayas wouldn't exist.


Bats Pollinate Agave

Did you know bats pollinate agave flowers? Without their help, agave wouldn't exist.


Pollen Wasps Pollinate Avocados

Did you know pollen wasps pollinate avocado trees? Without their help, avocados wouldn't exist.

brazil nuts

Bees Pollinate Brazil Nuts

Did you know many species of bees pollinate Brazil nut trees? Without their help, Brazil nuts wouldn't exist.


Wasps Pollinate Figs

Did you know wasps pollinate fig trees? Without their help, figs wouldn't exist.


Butterflies Pollinate Strawberries

Did you know butterflies pollinate strawberry plants? Without their help, strawberries wouldn't exist.


Orchid Bees Pollinate Vanilla

Did you know orchid bees pollinate vanilla orchids? Without their help, vanilla wouldn't exist.


Bees Pollinate Almonds

Did you know that many species of bees pollinate almond trees? Without their help, almonds wouldn't exist.


Bees Pollinate Blueberries

Did you know that many species of bees pollinate blueberry bushes? Without their help, blueberries wouldn't exist.

cocoa beans

Midge Flies Pollinate Cocoa Beans

Did you know midge flies pollinate cocoa trees? Without their help, cocoa beans wouldn't exist.