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Cleansing charcoal bar
3.3 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 08211
Ideal for combination or oily skin, our mildly exfoliating charcoal facial soap makes quick work of excess oil to leave your skin matte and super clean. We counteract charcoal's deep-cleansing action with soothing rosewood and sandalwood oils to reduce redness and keep your skin nicely balanced. The formula is rounded out with a cleansing liquorice decoction, giving this bar a subtle anise scent.
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How to Use

Wet face and the cleansing bar. Create a lather in your hands, then apply to the face. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.


107 Reviews
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Sacramento | 2 days ago

This bar works great.. Get lots of compliments on my skin. I love it


Florida | 6 days ago

I love the smell, texture, and how this has changed my skin!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Bring back the old formula!

Columbus OH | 8 days ago

The old version of this was great! I thought they had just changed the shape but this made me break out and irritated my skin. Left me feeling oily and not clean at all! Super disappointed because this is not the caliber of product I have come to expect from Lush. Upset that I spent so much money on such a bad product. Please bring back the old one!

Clearer face

Toronto | 8 days ago

At first, I didn't think this was doing much for my face.. but I think my face went through a bit of a "purge" as I've read in other reviews. I was getting teeny tiny pimples here and there but now every day when I wake up my face looks like it's glowing, my pores seem smaller and they're definitely clean. I used to get black heads a lot in my chin and nose but it seems to have reduced a lot since using this cleanser.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Love this face wash

Honolulu, HI | 11 days ago

I love the exfoliating properties of this wash. N.y Dave feels so clean afterward.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I am buying this again.

Vancouver | 14 days ago

I wet my face and the bar and lather it in and then continue for a minute or so with just my hands, massaging the product on my face. I have acne prone skin and this product has honestly cleared away more redness and blemishes in such a short space of time than most other products I've used. It doesn't of course eradicate acne but it definitely clears the skin and leaves it looking and feeling clean. I highly recommend this to try for anyone out there looking for a new, earth friendly face cleaner.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Bring old formula back please !!

Los Angeles | 14 days ago

This new formula is so soapy. The old formula use to help me with my acne :(

Not what it used to be :(

Austin, TX | 17 days ago

I have been using Coalface for years and although I noticed they changed the actual size and shape of the item a while back, they recently changed the formula/consistency (?). Now it gets all jelly-like and lasts a tiny amount of time. :(

Changed Soap Base?

Houston, Tx | 28 days ago

This product was a 5 star, absolute favorite. But our last order arrived and it said that it had a "new soap base." There are two things that bothered me. The first is that it wasn't announced on the purchasing page. I would have been expecting it and been willing to try it. The second is that it does not work for my skin anymore. I used to use it every shower, and now I don't. It actually started causing me to have more breakouts. When I originally started using it, it helped heal my skin and cause less breakouts. One other thing... the new soap base dissolves SO much faster than the old one. The old formula lasted me and my husband 2-3 months. We nearly finished our respective halves in two weeks, using and storing it the exact same way. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Hoping for the old formula

Springfield, Massachusetts | 29 days ago

I have been purchasing Coalface for years. I bought two bars about a month ago and immediately began having breakouts. I thought this was odd as I've never had a bad reaction to it before. Looking closely, it appears there's glitter in it now? After a bit of research, I found out that the formula has changed. This is really disappointing. I'm hoping you will bring back the old formula.
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