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Tea Totaler

Tea Totaler

Everything in balance
4.7 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 01168
Keep skin clear, calm and balanced with this clarifying cleansing balm. A castor oil base works with your skin's natural oil production to keep your complexion glowing. Add gentle cleansing herbal oils like tea tree, sage and rosemary and you're totaler set for clear, content skin. As you wipe it away with a damp cloth, you'll activate a toning phase of witch hazel, spring water and hand-harvested sea salt to clarify and lightly hydrate.
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Tea Totaler
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How to Use

Melt between the fingers before massaging over the skin or simply glide the bar over the face, then wipe away with a damp face cloth.


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Fresh, Clean, and in Love

Houston,TX | 13 days ago

I use this product about every morning, and I will keep using it. I was a bit nervous about this as I have used other cleaners that left my face dry and not hydrated, something that I do not want early in the morning. This cleanser has definitely left my face feeling fresher and more hydrated after ever use and I love it.

this is THE best face cleanser I have EVER used!

Kentucky | 18 days ago

Hands down this is the best cleanser. It has a clean smell, it is refreshing and works so well with my oily T Zone. If you have problem skin, this is a must try! I tried the small version first and I am so glad I did!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great for my combo skin

Akron, OH | 19 days ago

Tea Totaled has been a wonder for my skin. I struggled with cleaners that either over dried or left me feeling greasy - but not this! My skin feels and looks great! It even does a great job melting away water proof mascara without rubbing or leaving black smears. I use it with the tea tree water mist and imperialism moisterizor and always feel amazing.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Not For Oily Skin!

Pennsylvania | 27 days ago

I have oily/combination skin. Because of this, I've always avoided oil-based cleansers. However, this particular bar was described to still be good to use for oilier skin types that want a more gentle cleanse. I used the bar as instructed, removing with a warm washcloth. my skin didn't have the "clean" feeling I usually expect from cleansers, but that was expected, and my skin did feel nice and soft. The morning after I used it for the first time, 4 new zits had sprouted on my face! I tend to be prone to whiteheads, but it's usually just one at a time every so often. Multiple whiteheads showing up at the same time doesn't usually happen for no reason. It's entirely possible that i didn't rinse my face thoroughly enough after using the bar, or maybe it's just a coincidence that the zits appeared when they did. Regardless, I'm not willing to use it again to see if it works better next time. Now I've just got a lump of oil that I can't use without turning my face into a breeding ground for whiteheads. tldr: do not use if your skin is oily and/or prone to whiteheads. This cleanser is just fertilizer for a garden of zits.

Great Cleansing Balm/Oil

Ottawa | 28 days ago

A great cleansing balm or oil. I would not use my primary facial cleanser though. I use it every night as the first step in my double washing routine. I usually wipe my face with a damp washcloth and begin removing any makeup (particularly mascara as I don't wear a ton of makeup). Then I glide this all over my face and scrub any makeup and dirt away with some water. Then I wash it off with another gentle cleanser and warm water. I find using it as a cleansing oil/blam rather than my primary cleanser is the best way to use it as it does leave a residue and it doesn't lather or really feels like a true cleanser. My skin is dry and a bit sensitive, but I also get zits (thanks genetics and hormones) so things like aloe, witch hazel, and tea tree oil are my skin's best friends. I have noticed my skin has become clearer and more balanced since using it regularly. I've been using it regularly for five months and I'm finally almost out. And I will be re-purchasing. It's also easy to travel with, convenient, small, affordable, environmentally friendly, and effective.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

best moisterizer ever

marion, north carolina | 1 month ago

I have super sensitive skin, so alot of moisterizers are to heavy and break me out. I can wear this all day long, and not have a problem. I love this product and it smells good.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Won't Disappoint

Calgary | 3 months ago

I was very skeptical buying this product because of the fact that it is mainly oil and was scared it would turn my combination skin into very oily skin. I can now say I was completely wrong because one wash of this small wonder and my skin feels amazing. No other cleanser I've used makes my skin feel so weightless yet soft and moisturized all at once. It is one of my favorite products to use and truly makes my skin feel pampered.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Clean, cooling, fresh

Toronto | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I personally have a very mild reaction to tea tree oil, makes my skin 'zing' a little and I can't use tea tree oil products on my scalp at all, but in this cleansing bar I actually found it very refreshing as the tea tree oil isn't too dominating. Smells lovely and fresh. It doesn't lather and it rubs on smoothly. I use it in the shower under the warm water, rubbing the bar directly on my face and then massaging it in with my hands before using a facecloth to remove. It leaves the slightest residue but in a protective moisturising way. I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 only because the Like A Virgin cleansing bar is my absolute favourite.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

A good, easy cleanser

Georgia | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Sometimes washing my face can be a chore, especially with cleansers that require several steps and/or splashing myself with water (during which I always make a huge mess and soak my bathroom). This cleanser makes the process a lot easier while being an environmentally friendly alternative to other face washes. I just glide it over my skin, rub it in, and wipe it off with a warm, damp washcloth. It takes 30 seconds and minimal effort, meaning I end up washing my face more often, for which my skin is thankful. I seem to be going through it pretty quickly, but that's expected of a product this size that I use at least once a day and usually more. I have yet to travel with it, but it seems like it would be easy to do so. In short, it feels good, it's easy to use, it's cheap, and it's good for the planet. What more could you want?
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Winter Wonder!

Philadelphia | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This product has been amazing for me. I recently moved from SF to Philly and have had to change my entire face routine because I started breaking out, getting hives, and horrible dry flaking skin during the winter. After switching from Dark Angels scrub to Angels on Bare Skin, my face still wasn't getting as much moisture as it needed...until someone recommended tea tree cleansing tab! The smell is amazing and the the tea tree/rosemary/witch hazel combo has been perfect for my ultra sensitive and dry skin. So happy to have found this product! I can see that it might be too much moisture during the summer with the humidity out here, but I think it would balance well with Dark Angels during the summer months. Love Lush!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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