Gentle jojoba oil balm
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Self Preserving
This vegan, self-preserving cream cleanser is just as effective at lifting dirt and melting makeup as the original bestselling Ultrabland. And it does it all with just six simple ingredients. Sunflower and candelilla wax naturally preserve, while a blend of orange blossom water calms, jojoba oil smooths, glycerin softens and agave nectar soothes dry, sensitive skin without stripping away natural oils. Now that's plant power.
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Take a dime size amount between your palms, rub together and gently apply to skin. Then remove by massaging in small circles with a damp face cloth.

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Love this product but it gets moldy fast.

Houston | 14 days ago

Started growing mold about 4 months before the expiration. I only use it at night so maybe if I used it faster it would be okay but I still had more than half the small jar and it was covered in mold. Not worth the $20 if you can only use for a month.

So clean!

FL | 15 days ago

After having previously used Ultrabland, (which is also amazing!) I noticed that Ultraplant is lighter, and a bit more exfoliating, which does an amazing job of gently, but thoroughly removing makeup! It's very hydrating, and a little goes a long way. Absolutely love this, and would definitely buy this again!
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Best face product EVER!!!

Sarasota, FL | 16 days ago

I have been using lush products for about five years and I have no idea how in gods name I have never tried this product until a month ago. I am as dry as a lizard my face gets dry patches and it flakes. I am turning 52 years old next month. Since my very first use, my skin has looked and felt like a teenager! No lie! This product is no joke it's the real deal never stop carrying it. It only comes in a small container, I'm assuming it's because it's that fresh. I would love to stockpile this product. I have never looked forward to washing my face, but I sure do now! Feels amazing!!!!!!!!!
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REALLY wanted to like this...

DC | 17 days ago

I have extremely dry skin in the winter months and thought this would be perfect as a moisturizing cleanser. Turns out, it is actually a bit too heavy for my taste, as it requires a warm/hot wash cloth to really remove without feeling like it is still sitting on your skin. Afterwards, it feels pretty good. I just didn't like that I HAD to use the wash cloth and then I didn't want to use the same washcloth the next day, which meant I was using 1 washcloth each day. Not a terrible thing though. The biggest turn-off for me wasn't this...it was the scent. I'm super sensitive to fragrances, particularly floral ones. For some reason this smells strongly of jasmine flower to me. Again, it's not terrible, just too flowery for my taste.
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Lexinton | 19 days ago

So my skin has never looked better which usually means that Lush will discontinue this soon. It's one of the reasons I really hesitate shopping at Lush anymore. As soon as my skin gets used to product and starts looking good they discontinue it. Normally I would stock up on something like this but it only lasts for about four months before it goes bad. Lush I hope this is when you keep around for a while.
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This stuff is amazing

California | 1 month ago

I've been using Ultrabland for a few years (love it) but Ultraplant is even better. It's a great make-up remover and cleanser (it doesn't feel heavy on your skin and it comes off more easily than ultrabland) and look at that amazing ingredient list!--that's a seriously good ingredient list with no parabens, etc. I only wish it came in the 3.5oz size.
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Definitely buying again!

Tampa, Florida | 1 month ago

Great product without the overpowering, flowery fragrances that linger and irritate my sinuses. I have rosacea and while this does provide gentle exfoliation, I quickly realized this would not be a good daily cleanser for my extremely sensitive skin, especially during a rosacea flare. I tried the Ultrabland for a daily cleanser instead, and that has been amazing as well!
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Light and Softening

NJ | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

If you've ever used Ultrabland and thought "I love the concept, but this is just too heavy," then you MUST try this! It is very softening and melts any dirt/makeup right off the skin. I enjoy using this in the morning, or at night to remove makeup. I love that this product barely has any fragrance as well. Thank you so much for making this vegan!
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Better than Ultrabland

Massachusetts | 3 months ago

I have used ultrabland for maybe 5 years or so. I gave this a try and I like it so much better!
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Holy Grail Makeup Remover

Seattle, WA | 3 months ago

I have very fussy combination skin that is prone to redness and breakouts. Most makeup removers are too harsh, especially for my eyelids and most cleansing oils are too oily and heavy and cause breakouts. This one is the perfect balance for me. Just a pea size amount is all you need and it easily, effectively and most importantly gently removes my makeup. Even waterproof mascara! My skin feels smooth and soft afterwards and has not caused any breakouts.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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