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Enchanted Eye Cream
Enchanted Eye Cream
Enchanted Eye Cream
Enchanted Eye Cream

Enchanted Eye Cream

Tighten fine lines
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 00272
The skin under your eyes is extremely delicate, so only the gentlest ingredients should be used to keep skin firm and supple. Dab this soothing blend of calming lavender honey water and vitamin E-rich almond oil to reduce swelling and leave skin moisturized. Perfect for all skin types, a little dab every day is all you need to stay looking fresh.
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Enchanted Eye Cream
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How to Use

Dab on the line of your cheek bone up towards the brow bone morning and night.

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Great moisurizer, 2 years and running

Killeen, Texas | 11 days ago

So, one bottle of this has lasted me 2 years with almost daily (day time) use. Great light and airy moisturizer.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Light, wonderful eye moisturizer!

Washington, DC | 22 days ago

Love this cream. It's so light and spreadable that I barely need to rub it in, which I think is really important for an eye cream and being gentle on that skin. Also, one bottle has already lasted me months!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

A little goes a long way!

Virginia | 1 month ago

I've slowly been moving my skincare products to Lush, so of course, I had to try this when my eye cream ran out. It is very thick and moisturizing. I love how light it sits on my face. Use only a little, though, and pat it on. Because if you have too much product on your finger and you're rubbing it in, you end up with lotion-y streaks. If you do get a little extra, no worries, just pat it elsewhere on your face where you need moisture :0
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Toronto | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I've been STRUGGLING with eczema on my eye. And it was so bad to the point where I'd wake up in the mornings and the skin would be red and flaky but even worse was the wrinkles I started getting. WRINKLES!! So one eye belonged to someone in their 20's and the other eye looked like it was 65 years old. I tried everything, eczema creams, even bought 200$ eye creams. I even sampled this one serum that cost almost 300$ because it had stem cells and probiotics. Literally nothing worked, and I was getting very sad. Until one day (2 days ago exactly) I walked into Lush because I was out of my conditioner bar (zero waste yaaas) and as I was talking to the sales associate my eczema came up. So she recommended I tried their eye cream Enchanted. I didn't have high hopes, but she has severe acne and raved about it. My hopes were low but she let me try some in store (AND IT DIDNT BURN, which was a first) and then she made a sample pot for me. so I used some more that night and the next morning MY ECZEMA WAS GONE COMPLETELY. And not only that BUT THE WRINKLES WERE GONE TOO. I'm so in awe because a)it's ONLY 30$ which is cheap af. B) it really reinforced the idea that price does not mean something works better. And c) I don't have to feel insecure about having premature wrinkles. I'm also gonna go back to that lush everyday until I see that girl again and give her a teary eyed hug, and buy that eye cream for the rest of my life. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Methyl and poly parabens are not safe

Calgary AB | 4 months ago

The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep cosmetic database tells us that methylparaben is has a moderately high risk for endocrine disruption (as gathered from the European Commission on Endocrine Disruption). It is classified as a human immune intoxicant and allergen. It also may interefere with gene expression. Propylparaben also shows similar risks, but is much higher. It has strong evidence of wildlife and environmental disruption, as well as male reproductive harm.


Philadelphia | 5 months ago

Burts Bees is cheaper and works better.

Using For Years - Only Thing That Works for Me!

Columbus, OH | 6 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I love this product SO MUCH! So my brother-in-law worked at a Lush in NY. I was visiting with family for the holidays when I began having terribly dry eyes -- to the point of scabbing over and bleeding. I have extremely sensitive skin that gets really dry in cold weather. He brought home a sample for me and within 2 days, my eyes were smooth and no longer in pain. I've been using this product twice a day for the last 2 years now. I LOVE it. However, my only complaint is that they do not sell it in smaller bottles. I use less than half of the bottle before it expires (it lasts about 13 months). I would love to see it sold in smaller amounts to make sure I'm not wasting as much every year.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Nice Eye Cream

Lawrenceville, GA | 6 months ago

I used this eye cream for a long time, morning and night. I don't have any major wrinkles so I just wanted something that would help prevent those from forming and be very moisturizing as my skin and especially eye area get very dry and I'm pretty sensitive. I did notice that it helped me moisturize my under eye area and that my eyes looked brighter and less puffy in general. In a pinch, I've used this all over my face but I did not think that it made my face feel moisturized. I think that the reason I liked it for my eyes and thought it was working was due to other products I started using around the same time. This eye cream is moisturizing and the bottle lasted forever but was not anything above an average moisturizer for me.

I love it for what it is and what it's meant to be!

BIRMINGHAM AL | 6 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I have been using Enchanted eye cream for about a year now. I typically use it before bed and wake up with very a moisturized eye area! I read reviews before I bought it about how it "doesn't fix dark spots" and "doesn't automatically make me look 10 years younger" like most eye creams out there. But this product, I believe, is made to help out with the beautiful aging process and celebrate aging beautifully. It is very moisturizing and I do look more awake and naturally beautiful after long time use of this product. It's not an over night sensation type of eye cream. But this cream has gradually helped my eyes look brighter, more beautiful, hydrated and I wake up looking refreshed- and for that, I am very happy to give this product 5 stars. If you are expecting something to fix all of your problems over night, this product is more than likely not for you. But if you are willing to age gracefully & beautifully with the help of this product, I saw give it a try & let it do it's magic!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Washington, DC | 7 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I have very dry, very sensitive skin and my eyes are even drier than the rest of my face. They get red, itchy, and start to peel if I don't use a good eye cream. This one has been working wonders: no redness, no itching, no peeling, no dryness whatsoever. I don't need an eye cream to magically zap my fine lines away. I just want my eyes to feel comfortable and moisturized, and this does the trick.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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