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Fighting Animal Testing - 8 Article(s)

We've partnered with HSUS to continue our fight against animal testing, and now it's time to end animal testing in North America. Enough is enough. Read more
Have you ever wondered how the cruel practice of animal testing began? Mark Constantine gives an animated history lesson. Read more
Tired of waiting for the industry and lawmakers to catch up, we've come up with a new initiative to help fight animal testing. Read more
Our customers and staff signed petitions to fight animal testing. Rather than sending them by post, we hand delivered them. In bunny suits. Read more
We want to reward good behaviour, and those who are making changes to fight animal testing. Read more
To show the harsh reality of animal testing, we had a performance artist undergo the same treatment. Warning: very graphic scenes. Read more
We Believe in making a difference and getting our hands dirty in the process. Read more