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Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb

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Self Preserving
Based on the bestselling scent of one of our most-loved bath bombs, you can now take the sensual, sweet scent of Sex Bomb wherever you go. This fragrant blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage will have you relaxed and feeling frisky. Jasmine is an ancient aphrodisiac, used in aromatherapy to ease stress and anxiety, while clary sage clears the mind and ylang ylang soothes worries.
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Sex Bomb
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How to Use

Spritz all over the body for a lingering perfume, or apply throughout the day for a fragrant top-up.

A spritz of refreshment


24 Reviews
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Laredo,Tx | 7 days ago

I have a few of the other sprays and this one is high on my favorites. It smells so AMAZING!! I find myself spraying myself multiple times a day. I also like to spray these into the air before a like scented bath bomb bath. This scent truly is the bomb!! ❤️
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Light and floral

San diego | 12 days ago

This is a great light floral scent. It has a hint of jasmine. It's not overpowering and appropriate for work.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

my go-to scent.

Frederick, MD | 15 days ago

this is definitely a fragrance that i reach for constantly, because it just always works. it is very fresh while still maintaining that sexy musky scent. my boyfriend looooves it. definitely more of a powdery jasmine laced with a sweet musk, as opposed to flying fox/lust.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Not What I expected

Brooklyn | 29 days ago

I tried this for the 1st time and like another reviewer, my experience doesn't match the description, and I've never smelled the bath bomb. It has a very retro 60s-70s women's perfume vibe. Green, sharp, herbal, medicinal, dry. The florals are more abstract. I smell no single flower. The drydown smells a bit animalic and musky. And the far drydown smells like a clean white musk, which is my least favorite part since it smells like clean laundry. It doesn't last long on my skin. Maybe 3 hours. Though it's not quite my thing, kudos to LUSH for making this. I think it's gutsy. I also think it's perfectly unisex, if not a bit masculine-leaning. I'd probably like it better as a bath bomb, but I don't have a tub :(
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Beautiful Floral Scent thats Growing me

Hamilton | 1 month ago

I bought this scent online without having ever smelled it or the bath bomb before. I loved it when I first smelled it but for awhile it reminded me of what my second grade teacher smelled like. Now I'm loving it again and find myself gravitating to after my shower. All of the notes work well together. It's unique and light but still noticeable.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Riverside, Ca | 1 month ago

I was so sad to hear that Lush originally created a scent for Sex Bomb, but discontinued it. Randomly, I searched "Sex Bomb perfume" and this popped up! I immediately purchased it and don't regret it! It smells like the bath bomb and I couldn't be happier! Lush please don't discontinue! If anything, make a travel size :(
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Very Strong

Los Angeles, CA | 1 month ago

The way that people have described this spray online did not match my experience with it at all. I was expecting this spray to smell sexy, and and sweet. However this spray has a VERY strong jasmine scent that I simply cannot handle. I've asked people around me what they thought of the smell and they said I smelled like "Old lady soap" which was very disappointing. I have no issues with the longevity of this fragrance but it is way too strong for my taste.


Jewett, Tx | 2 months ago

By far my favorite body spray I've ever bought. Hooked for as long as they make it (hopefully forever) it's musky but settles into my clothes sweet. I smell my shirt throughout the day to get a whiff and just fall in love with the scent again every time.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Very unique

Lake elsinore | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This has been the most interesting and unique body spray I've ever owned. I'm usually pretty skeptical when it comes to purchasing scents online without knowing what it smells like, but after reading the description and reviews of Sex Bomb, I felt like giving it a shot. At first I was a little unsure of how I felt about it right after spraying it on me, as it's earthiness is a little different for me (I usually go for sweeter, floral scents) but as the day went on, the lingering scent had a better smell, and it changed my mind about this overall. I'm glad to have taken the plunge and purchase this perfume without fully knowing what it would smell like. I've been using it day and night now, excited to breathe in its musky scent throughout the day. I only give this 4 stars because it's not as sweet, but besides that, it's freaking great!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

So happy this exists!!

MI | 4 months ago

Sex bomb has been my favorite Lush scent for years! I've been bitter since Joy of Jelly was discontinued and have been disappointed not to see the scent in other forms, until this awesome body spray! I bought a second bottle to take to work because I love it so much! It smells just like the bath bomb, is light and not overpowering, yet also seems to last on the skin pretty well. Lush, never get rid of this! I'd love to see this scent in other forms as well, like a body wash or even a shampoo. So yummy. If you like Sex Bomb, you need this.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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