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Secret Garden
Secret Garden
Secret Garden
Secret Garden

Secret Garden

3.9 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Item No. 01683
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The real secret of Secret Garden is how a series of spicy, herbal and smoky scents come together to create a fragrance that's soft, green and serene. Myrrh carries a gentle amber note that sets the foundation, letting osmanthus come to the fore with a fresh and fruity aroma that evokes sweet and sticky apricots. Then a final plume of immortelle adds an intriguing burst of spice to keep you on your toes. The result is something soothing, herbaceous and enchantingly unique.
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Secret Garden
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Made in United Kingdom

How to Use

Spritz directly onto your wrists and neck for an immediate dose of your favorite aroma.


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2 Reviews
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Took me by surprise in the best way ever!

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Minneapolis | 2 months ago

When Lush announced that The Perfume Library was coming to the US, I audibly, OUT LOUD screamed with joy. I poured over the list and the second I saw Secret Garden I knew that this was the one. Described as "soft, green, and serene" this was a lovely mix of myrrh, immortelle, and osmanthus. All ingredients found in some of my other faves such as 1,000 Kisses Deep. Upon smelling it on the bottle, the first notes are beautifully rich, deep, and fruity. It reminds me of syrupy spiced apricots, very pleasant and robust. Despite having the name Secret Garden, it actually has very few floral notes when worn on my skin. Upon first spritz the top has a fine powdery floral scent, which turns into a more rich scent like when I first smelled it on the bottle. That spiced apricot scent comes back in the heart with a bit more emphasis on the spice. As time goes on, the base brings on a softer and grassier vibe. It reminds me of being a kid and exploring abandoned barns with my cousins, crisp dry hay and a slight rainy scent. Its depth adds a lot to the longevity of this scent, so it'll be lasting quite a while. Overall, Secret Garden was a KILLER investment and I love it! It's definitely more rich and deep compared to most of Lush's perfumes. It almost has a bit of humidity to it? If I had to pick ones that it's most similar to, they would be Sappho, The Smell of Weather Turning, and Flowers Barrow. Please bear in mind, everyones skin is different and you may get different notes than I do while wearing it!
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Not my favorite

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California | 9 months ago

I am a huge lush perfume junkie and bought one of these when Jen from allthingslushuk was unloading. It definitely smells like a garden, but to me, it's too green and that makes any of the beautiful florals almost smell like they've rotted. Overall not my favorite perfume and am definitely disappointed to have bought it blind. Ask for a sample with another purchase to see if it is for you!
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