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Superworld Unknown
Superworld Unknown
Superworld Unknown
Superworld Unknown

Superworld Unknown

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 01670
/images/icon-defs.svg#lush-icon-vegan Vegan
/images/icon-defs.svg#lush-icon-selfpreserving-en Self Preserving
Something wicked this way comes with this carnival-inspired scent filled with funfare fragrance. A fantastical blend of sharp lime, neroli and Sicilian lemon oils give it a light, bright and happy feeling like fresh lemonade. But the carnival leaves town as the scent dries down, with a powdery floral finish and peppery notes of cassia and sandalwood that linger on the skin with a final tart flourish. An offbeat and idiosyncratic perfume, sweet yet unexpectedly sophisticated, this is suited to anyone with a sense of adventure and whimsy.
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Superworld Unknown
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Spritz directly onto your wrists and neck for an immediate dose of your favorite aroma.