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Gift Cards

Always a welcome surprise

Know they love Lush but aren't sure about their favorites? Then let a Lush gift card make it easy! They can be redeemed online, by telephone at 1.888.733.5874, or in your local Lush shop. Lush gift cards have no expiry date and you can include a personal message before sending them. And the best part? You can relax knowing they’re getting exactly what they want. Physical gift cards sent via snail mail are now made from recyclable paper!
Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Please note that your gift card will be loaded with American currency (USD). If you’d like to purchase a gift card in Canadian currency (CAD), please visit

Check your Gift Card balance

Fill in your gift card details to see how many more LUSH goodies will fit on it. We hope it's a lot!

The number that appears on the back of your card