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Tame your mane with the fruitiest packaging-free conditioner ever made. A fair trade organic cocoa butter base with fresh bananas and avocados deep-conditions and smooths curly, dry or frizzy hair. Fresh figs, kumquats and passion fruit leave hair shiny, silky-smooth and smelling like a tropical dream. Welcome to the jungle!
Save the planet, save your wallet. One pressed conditioner is equal to two 500ml bottles of liquid conditioner. Go plastic-free.
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How to Use

Apply the bar to wet hair after shampooing and massage through. Rinse clean and enjoy your gleaming locks.

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Smells like rocket candy

Vancouver | 4 days ago

If you are a fan of sweet, sour, and strong smelling hair, this product is for you! It smells a lot like rocket candies (smarties /usa??) I believe. If you don't like strong smells i do not recommend this. However, my curls do look great, I have fine hair with curly locks (3a-3b) and it works great. Though, I notice you have to use lots and rub it in for a while until you can notice the conditioner starting to work, which really is the downside of this product, along with the smell. If you have hair that's thicker than mine I wouldn't reccomend, it's hard for me to use it and my hair is medium curly. A lot goes a little. If you do use this product be sure to leave it in for a few minutes, I usually wait atleast 5 minutes, doing this I've noticed like other conditioners it gives it time to hydrate. Also, if you have sensitive skin be aware that this product has a heavy scent much like other lush products which may be harsh on your skin. In the end, after all that, I would buy again.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Very hydrating but not a great scent

Boston | 5 days ago

No complaints on the hydration, it makes my hair super soft almost instantly and is very easy to work through my hair. I only need a tiny bit, so I'll probably cut the bar in half and freeze some of it so I lasts longer. But the smell is not what I expected at all, I don't know how to describe it but it's definitely not fruity. Won't be buying again based on scent alone, I'll stick with American Cream from now on. (Wish I could try the other 2 conditioner bars, but I'm allergic to the jojoba in them. Oh well.)

Not very "jungle"

Arizona | 7 days ago

I expected this to smell fruity and sweet but it smells way more herby like pine. Kinda "foresty". I was told i smell like smoke shop. Also its not moisturizing at all. It leaves my ends very dry. I will finsh off the bar because i don't like to waste, but i will not order again. Maybe this will work for thin-haired people that want to smell very natural and herby.


Portland, OR | 8 days ago

I love love love this product and cannot say enough good things about it. It smells so amazing and leaves my hair soft and fresh. The new formula is such an advancement from the last and is so much easier to cream up and work through my long, wavy hair. I will never go back to liquid conditioner.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Yes Yes Yes

Houston,TX | 8 days ago

I have thick long curly hair, and live in humid Texas. I have made the switch to pressed shampoo bars and condition in the last year and I have no plan of going back. I love this bar. Despite other reviews I have had no issues running this bar through my hair as I just section my hair and rub in on the ends. Resulting in smooth hydrated locks. Also the smell isn't bad at all.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Soft, shiny hair

PEI | 8 days ago

I love this product! I wasn't sure if a conditioner bar would be enough for my fine, dyed hair, but after a few uses, I'm in love! Leaves my hair smooth, shiny and soft, with no greasy feeling. The scent is quite strong, and might not be for everyone, but I really like it.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Gets the Job Done

New York, NY | 9 days ago

The conditioner smells pretty good but the formula makes it a bit hard to work with in the shower. I find it difficult to tell how much product I need/used when directly rubbing it in my hair so I would rub it between my hands to get it through my strands. The scent isn't too strong so it won't linger as long in your hair. It does make the hair softer and more manageable though.

Not for me!

Wilsonville, OR | 11 days ago

Similar to another persons experience. I was really excited to use a bar type conditioner. Especially because I've had great experiences with the shampoo bars. I followed the directions for use. I have long straight hair. It was difficult to apply and rubbing it only resulted in my hair getting tangled in it. I tried rubbing it in my hands and that didn't work either.

Wanted to love it...but not practical

Virginia | 12 days ago

About a year ago I started using Lush bar shampoo and can't imagine going back to liquid shampoo at this point. I love that it's eco-conscious and is super easy to travel with. When my liquid conditioner finally ran out I couldn't wait to give the pressed conditioner a try. After my first wash I was a little disappointed and thought that maybe after another wash or two I'd get the hang of using the bar. After a couple more tries I found I was spending 2 or 3 minutes just trying to get enough conditioner in my hair to make a difference. During that time I was just wasting water. The actual formula seemed to be good for my hair, but application was a major struggle. I also wasn't overly thrilled with the scent, and didn't detect the fruity aroma described at all. Overall, I like the concept, and it seems like a quality conditioner, but it's simply not practical for me

Would buy again!

Rochester, New Hampshire | 17 days ago

I have short, wavy/borderline curly hair and this works wonderfully for me! I was hesitant to try a conditioner bar, but it's lovely! The only problem I had was the scent, but I should've read the ingredients better as I'm not a fan of vetivert :)
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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