Sugar Daddy-O
Sugar Daddy-O
Sugar Daddy-O
Sugar Daddy-O

Sugar Daddy-O

A fondness for blond-ness
3.9 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 09018
Self Preserving
With richness beyond compare and a soft spot for blondes, Sugar Daddy-O is one to watch. Lighter shades will remain bright and classy (not brassy) after a few strokes with this pretty purple pressed conditioner. It's full of luscious extra virgin olive oil, strengthening argan oil and organic jojoba oils to keep hair soft and smooth—plus a dash of fresh lemon juice for shine. A floral bouquet of violet leaf absolute, rose absolute and bergamot oil mingles together for a seductive fragrance that will last all day.
Save the planet, save your wallet. One pressed conditioner is equal to two 500ml bottles of liquid conditioner. Go plastic-free.
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Sugar Daddy-O



How to Use

Apply the bar to wet hair after shampooing and massage through. Rinse clean and enjoy your gleaming locks.

Discover how you can get naked.


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Great product!

Atlanta | 10 days ago

I wanted to write a review because I love this product and have something to say that's different than the other reviews. Here's my opinion: yes, the other reviews are right in that it doesn't lather- you just part your hair into strands and slide it on like a lotion bar. It doesn't dissolve as easily in your soap dish as the shampoo bars, this thing is a tank. It smells absolutely divine- your hair will smell like violets. I bought this bar as a companion to Jason and the Argan Oil, since this also has Argan oil and a similar perfume. If you have any buildup, put another rinse of the shampoo bar. I am not a blonde, so I figured the toning would have no effect on me. The moisturizing effect is perfect, I swim and I've been using the shampoo bars- so my hair has gotten very dry and straw like- this fixed that in one wash, no deep conditioners needed for me! One drawback, or benefit if that's what you're into: it lightens your hair, probably due to the lemon juice, which clarifies/softens- but I was surprised when my midnight black Asian hair is turning a chocolate brown! But I still love the way it makes my hair smells and conditions like no other
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Game Changer

Atlanta, GA | 10 days ago

I love this product! My hair smells good for days (even after I workout/hike/run/etc...) and it is pretty easy to use. This has actually softened my hair as well! It was hard to get used to, but now I love it! I do recommend laying it on the side to let it dry, because if it dries flat then yeah it can get stuck to the tin. Overall, a wonderful product. I use it with the shampoo bars and Lush has converted me to a naked shower product user
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Saturated scent, lightly moisturizing, releases colour

Plover, Wisconsin | 12 days ago

I'm naturally blonde, but I dye my hair/roots all the way to a 10/11 every month. It's naturally silky so I do not have damage that needs extra moisture. This product work well, but you really have to take time to rub it in to your hair. I keep it in an air tight container and always put it back wet, so that it is easier to work with. I concentrate my efforts mostly on my roots, apply lightly to the roots, massage and let it sit for the duration of my shower. If your hair tangles easily, like mine, I would recommend rubbing your de-tangler over the wet bar and run it through you hair as normal.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

No improvement

Minnesota | 21 days ago

Still difficult to use, takes forever to get enough product to even lightly coat my short hair.

Doesn't melt in hair + crumbles over time!

Sacramento, CA | 25 days ago

This product does not melt at all into your hair so during a shower I always found it hard to tell if it was lathering or just sitting on my hair. I couldn't even tell if it was moisturizing my scalp - unlike the shampoo bars I love. Also, after a few weeks of use the bar disintegrates and falls apart in my hair in chunks! The chunks don't dissolve so they get stuck all over my bathtub and now I've wasted product. This conditioner makes me lose faith in conditioner bars altogether :(

New Favorite Conditioner

Connecticut | 27 days ago

I am a dyed blonde with 2B/2C waves. This conditioner is perfect. It moisturizes my hair and prevents frizz, but manages to not weigh it down. Also, it has drastically reduced brassiness in my hair and is doing a great job of blending my roots into my hair! It is difficult to find a product that helps my hair to look its best, smells great, and is zero-waste, so Lush is a miracle worker.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I'm a believer

Indiana | 30 days ago

I was skeptical about bar conditioners, but I am converted. My hair is soft and bouncy and way more conditioned than what it was before. It smells good, a little hippie-ish but I'm into it. You do need a soap dish or tin with it.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Absolutely great!!

Montreal | 1 month ago

I have thin blonde hair that tangle easily; this conditioner dors an amazing job! My hair is super easy to comb and feels really soft and smells good! Please Lush don't ever discontinue this conditioner!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Smells so incredibly divine

Seattle, WA | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I wish this was a candy, the violet is so delicious smelling. Leaves my hair looking clean, and super easy to use. I'm a blonde (dyed), and it actually did reduce brassy tones in my hair - yay! My only complaint is that the smell eventually fades, though it does mean I can finally stop smelling my own hair and get things done.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Alabama | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Thank you Lush for answering my prayers!! I always choose Naked products when possible, and loved the original naked Sugar Daddy-O's scent, but found the bar to be very difficult to use. When American Cream pressed conditioner came out I made the switch because it was so much more moisturizing and easy to use, but I missed Sugar Daddy-O's heavenly scent. Now I don't have to compromise! It's super moisturizing, easy to use, and smells incredible. I'm so excited to see Lush's line of Naked shampoo and conditioner expanding!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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