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Item No. 07367
If your hair feels like damaged goods, stir up your routine with this hot oil treatment. Melt down this solid treatment and smooth the rich mixture through your locks. Extra virgin olive oil, almond oil and organic avocado oil nourish parched hair, leaving it smooth and shiny, and vanilla absolute perfumes locks with a long-lasting sweet and comforting scent.
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How to Use

1. Place your treatment in a heatproof container and boil some water in a kettle. 2. Slowly add several ounces of boiling-hot water to the solid treatment and stir gently using the wooden stick. Take your time, adding water as needed, and allowing the product to thicken until you're left with an empty stick and a rich, creamy treatment. This should take around five minutes. 3. When it's cool enough to touch, apply to dry hair and leave for around 20 minutes to allow the ingredients to get to work replenishing your hair. Shampoo out and admire your luscious locks! Made too much? Keep your mix for conditioning top-ups for up to four weeks.

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It was kinda messy but it did make my hair soft

Victoria bc | 8 days ago

It was hard to get the right consistency but it was really fun. Made my hair shiny and a little greasy. Make sure to wash your hair really well after. But it was fun to melt in a mug.


Philadelphia, PA | 20 days ago

I just used Damaged for the first time. It was a little messy, but that's probably my fault because i added too much water. If it happens again I might pour it into a sandwich bag and snip the corner to squeeze it out for application. My hair is long, fine, curly and frizzy so I typically wash and straighten it 2-3 times per week which has caused lots of damage and split ends. With the salons being closed I'm unable to get in for a haircut so I tried this out and I am so glad I did! I left it in for about 45 minutes and I rinsed with hot water for about 5 mins before shampooing it out. I straightened my hair after like I normally do and my hair feels soft like butter! Not at all greasy or weighed down and very shiny too. I am going to make this a twice a month routine for sure.

I would buy this product again

Hamilton | 22 days ago

This worked so well for me. My hair is normally super frizzy and messy but this made it silky and smooth. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that it left some residue in my hair. Other than that it was perfect.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I'd probably do it again

Niagara falls | 23 days ago

It wasnt difficult to figure out really. I put it in a glass, poured about 1 cup of boiling water, kept stirring. Turned out to be thick enough to apply. I have long hair and it was more than enough for me. I took a bath while letting it sit and I probably left it in longer than I should have. I used shampoo to wash it out but didnt fully let my hair dry. When I woke up this morning I noticed it was quite heavy and oily so I had to wash it again. Super healthy though and feels great.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

My hair & scalp feels phenomenal

Regina, Saskatchewan | 1 month ago

I bought this hot oil treatment and then right before using it I read a bunch of terrible reviews. I wasn't sure if I should still try it or not and felt a little scared about what would happen... but I till went for it and was so glad I did! It was wonderful! It felt amazing from start to finish. I melted the oil to a liquid consistency and then massaged it into my scalp and hair with my fingers. Feel, smell, and results - all great! It washed out easily and my hair feels so soft, my scalp so fresh. I am definitely going to keep using it.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Don't be scared

Denver, CO | 1 month ago

I have only used Damaged and have not yet tried the other hot oil treatments but I did not have any extreme issues with washing this treatment out or getting it to a good texture. I used half of the bar and put it in a regular coffee mug that was full of hot water from my kettle. Then I stirred it for 5 minutes then waited for it to come back to room temp (this took 10 more minutes maybe more). The first time I let it sit for the full 20 and had some difficulties getting it out which required a second wash with a clarifying shampoo. The second time I let it sit for ten minutes while taking a bath and that went very well. I think I prefer the other hair masks since they are easier to work with but I like that this product is packaging free so I will continue to purchase.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great for Natural 3c/4a hair

Cleveland, OH | 1 month ago

I love this for my natural hair. I use it as a deep conditioner/hot oil treatment after shampooing. Directions say before. But I like using it after. Makes my hair soft and more manageable.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


STL, MO | 1 month ago

I was hoping this would magically cure my hermionie frizz hair, unfortunately it just left a residue on it that i can't wash out and it almost seems to enhance the frizz/ make my hair sticky when i blow dry it.


Toronto | 1 month ago

I have natural curly hair and this conditioner is A+! I use it as a deep conditioner AFTER washing and it makes my type 3/4 hair gloriously soft and tangle free. This stuff is the real deal. My only caveat, which is also a good thing, is that a little goes a long way. I get 4-5 uses per stick. It's fun to mix it up, but because you have to mix this up and end up with so much, you gotta make sure to use it up quickly. I've tried cutting the conditioner in quarters, but without the stick attached, mixing can be difficult. Despite this, this conditioner for my hair type as a deep treatment has been magical. Go try it!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

A little goes a long way

EP | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I have used this before, but not since it was reformulated. My hair has been out of control lately...Like think sea witch. So I used half of the cube and the lady at the store told me to use one cup of water... for one I don't recommend adding that much water. I will use less next time. But I kept stirring and over time it thickened, but not as much as I wanted. With that being said, I get so much out of it, and i have long hair that is really thick. Loved how it makes my hair feel! Definitely going to use this each time I get a fresh set of highlights.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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