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Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp, so give yours a serious refresh with our reviving hot oil treatment full of cleansing fuller's earth, cooling peppermint oil and calming chamomile blue oil. Henna and lanolin give a glossy, shiny finish, while a trio of jojoba, almond and extra virgin coconut oils softens hair. A treatment a week keeps your 'do looking sleek!
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How to Use

1. Place your treatment in a heatproof container and boil some water in a kettle. 2. Slowly add several ounces of boiling-hot water to the solid treatment and stir gently using the wooden stick. Take your time, adding water as needed, and allowing the product to thicken until you're left with an empty stick and a rich, creamy treatment. This should take around five minutes. 3. When it's cool enough to touch, apply to dry hair and leave for around 20 minutes to allow the ingredients to get to work replenishing your hair. Shampoo out and admire your luscious locks! <br/> <br/>Made too much? Keep your mix for conditioning top-ups for up to four weeks.

Find your hair's new best friend.


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Sticky and gummy

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Boston | 12 days ago

Echoing what other one star reviews say. It's a sticky, gummy mess that took three or four times my average shampoo time to wash out. I'm not new to hot oil treatments or hair clay masks, and this was the most difficult to use. Go with Damaged instead.

Leaving soon for a reason!

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Toronto | 21 days ago

Even strictly following the directions, I was left with a gloopy, gross-smelling, gunk that needed multiple washes with shampoo to remove. I would forgive this if it was effective, but my hair doesn't feel softer and my scalp is itchy and dry. In fact, my hair is in even worse shape because of how many times I needed to wash it to completely remove Hair Doctor. I buy Lush products frequently, but this was the only product that actually inspired me to write a review. This was a waste of money. If it wasn't a single use product, I would return it to the store and get my money back. Sometimes we get upset when certain products are discontinued. I'm actively rooting for this one to go.


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Illinois | 24 days ago

Why did I pay to have to do this. This smelled awful everyone in my family kept asking what smells?.. then it came out to a gross thick mess. I applied a little bit got grossed out I decided to shower right away.


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Bromont qc | 1 month ago

i took only Half of the product and it did my head in full, i even had some left ,i realy did not like the smell but since after you need to wash your hair with your shampoo its takes the smell away ,Look im a hairdresser and i tryed alot of maks and expesive professional product and pay maybe 35 to 50$ for my mask and i have my discount and still like this mask better for real so just saying help my scalp and my ends really loved this produit dont buy it for the smell but for its action :)
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

The original is better

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Cherry Hill, Nj | 1 month ago

I used the original hair mask that was kept in the fridge for a long time and I loved it! Then they took it away and brought this in... it made my scalp gummy and itchy and my hair oily! I don't understand what went wrong! I used boiling water and did it like I was told! I wish I could give it 0 stars

Healthy Hair is love

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New jersey | 1 month ago

This hot oil treatment has been amazing in my hair. When I melted it I got more than one use and I put the extra in a mason jar and am using it for the 3rd time! I plan on purchasing this again and for friends! Hair is soft manageable and feels strong !
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


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STL | 1 month ago

I want to start by saying I read the other reviews after purchasing Hair Doctor but before using it... To tell you the truth, I was shook... All this talk about boogers, sticky messes, and stinky smells made me more than apprehensive, but I trusted in LUSH and FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS, used boiling water and stirred until it was completely incorporated and blended, then let cool a bit. It was perfect and creamy, not sticky or lumpy at all. I left it in for almost 40 minutes (I got side tracked) under a hair wrap, before rinsing a bit and then shampooing out with my normal shampoo. My hair is so soft and shiny and my scalp feels awesome. Will use again!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I would buy this product again.

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Florida | 2 months ago

Let me save you time and energy with these tips. This mask is super good and It really does it's job but there are some things you're going to have to look out for. 1) use single use bowls/cups for this .. it will save you so much time from scrubbing. If not, use a bowl that is easy to clean. 2) use boiling water. It'll save you so much mixing time and it'll help the mask actually dissolve. What I liked to do after mixing at the consistency was putting it in a blender. It makes it sooo much easier to get out of your hair and the consistency was perfectly mixed. 3) it is very stick and gooey. I suggest you grab a brush and some conditioner while you're at it in the shower. You'll have to try get out all the little gooeys left over. 4) If you're like me and have a hard time spending so much money on a one time use mask. Try use a little more water and see how much you can make. Then pop it in the fridge and store some for another use. You're welcome :)
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Amazing !

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Toronto | 2 months ago

This stuff is amazing ! I just did this and my hair looks so good ! My friends and family asked me all day what I did to my hair it looks so much more healthy and glossy
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Only Got To Use Once

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Fort Lauderdale | 2 months ago

I have used other hair masks from lush before and enjoyed them so I decided to try this one. I have short hair so i normally get a few uses out of each treatment. This one I only got to use once. I made it with boiling water and it had an odd smell but whatever and my hair felt nice after. HOWEVER!!!! Though I stored it as i normally store the hot oil treatments and the next day it was RANCID. Smell was awful and made me gag. Immediately threw it away. Extremely disappointed considering the cost of the product. Spent almost $20 for the item and shipping only to freakin use it once
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