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Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp, so give yours a serious refresh with our reviving hot oil treatment full of cleansing fuller's earth, cooling peppermint oil and calming chamomile blue oil. Henna and lanolin give a glossy, shiny finish, while a trio of jojoba, almond and extra virgin coconut oils softens hair. A treatment a week keeps your 'do looking sleek!
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How to Use

1. Place your treatment in a heatproof container and boil some water in a kettle. 2. Slowly add several ounces of boiling-hot water to the solid treatment and stir gently using the wooden stick. Take your time, adding water as needed, and allowing the product to thicken until you're left with an empty stick and a rich, creamy treatment. This should take around five minutes. 3. When it's cool enough to touch, apply to dry hair and leave for around 20 minutes to allow the ingredients to get to work replenishing your hair. Shampoo out and admire your luscious locks! <br/> <br/>Made too much? Keep your mix for conditioning top-ups for up to four weeks.

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VT | 4 days ago

The end result was great, super soft hair, felt thicker and lighter all at the same time. But, getting there wasn't the best. The smell - not good. Half the reason I come back to lush products is everything smells amazing, except this. Also the process is a bit tricky. Once you get it dissolved and to a decent consistency it is like putting rubber cement on your hair. Work fast, because you cannot run your fingers through your hair with this stuff. Though once it's all worked in, its convenient that you can paste your entire head of hair around your scalp (and I have longer hair). Overall, it was decent, but too pricey to justify it's issues.

Will use again!

Lexington, KY | 7 days ago

I loved this! The instructions were easing, and after letting it sit for about 10 minutes to cool it was the perfect consistency. It smelled sort of medicinal, but I wouldn't call it a bad smell at all. It was very smooth and creamy; no clumps to be found! I used it primary on my roots and ends but combed it through my hair so it coated my whole head. I left it for twenty minutes and then hopped in the shower. It washed right out but left my hair feeling nice and soft. 10/10 will use the rest for a second treatment soon!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

You have to use boiling water

Wisconsin | 7 days ago

After reading the negative reviews I had to write mine. I used boiling water and it melted in under 5 min. I let it cool down and applied it to my head and hair. It does not stink and it washe out perfectly and my hair is like brand new! I have enough left to use one or two more times!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

WOW honestly in love

Denver, CO | 11 days ago

I have used the Damaged hot oil treatment and expected to like that one better based on the reviews for this product but I am a total flip-flopper. I love this treatment. Don't leave it in for more than twenty minutes and used warm-ish water and a strong shampoo. I use the I love Juicy and it worked great. Add a good cup and a half of water if using a full stick. This treatment was a lot easier to mix than the Damaged treatment so you could add more water if you want it runnier. Left my hair soo soo smooth. Similar feeling to the Jasmine Fluff Ease but not as greasy feeling. The only con is the smell - it is awful and I enjoy almost every smell lush produces. But get over it because it works!!!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

First time in months without flakes!!!

San Diego CA | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I used a cup of boiling water and let it sit for about 15 minutes before putting it in my hair. I just scooped up some of the mixture in my hands and ran it through my hair until there was about a quarter of the mixture left. They say you can use it again but I just threw it away. I left it in my hair for 20 minutes with a hair cap over my head. It rinsed out really easily and my hair is completely flake free and really soft. I will say a few handfuls of hair fell out while I was rinsing but I also hadn't washed my hair for 2 days. Overall I would definitely use this again and reccomend it to friends!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Just apply it carefully!

Montreal | 3 months ago

So I read all the reviews before using it! And so I put boiling water and let it sit for 30 mins and then used a potato smasher to mush it up as much as I could! Then, while applying I would spread the chucks like a cream I guess you could say... till it was all equally spread out. I kept it for an hour because I forgot! Anyway I love it! Just take your time! If you rush it'll be a mess lol
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Oregon | 3 months ago

This was the grossest, most smelly, boogery disaster I have ever had. Totally not worth it. I still have booger gloop in my hair and washed it for AN HOUR. I want a refund. I HATED This.

I buy this product often

Wv | 3 months ago

I think it actually works and I like the way my hair looks and feels. The smell does linger, and I've seen other posts say they don't like the smell, but personally I love it
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

It worked but it was so stinky

Vegas | 4 months ago

I've used their other hair masks on a stick before so I know how to make them correctly. Add some hot water, stir, repeat until you got a nice thin consistency. Slather it all up. I over do it to keep the hair way and then I braid my hair. But dude, this one was so smelly. I didn't even want to keep it in that long. It smelled like wet construction paper. Luckily it made my hair feel nice so it was worth it. But I'd stick to other masks

Nope gross terrible

Boston, MA | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I love the yuge and new hair treatments but this one is essentially boogers- it mixed up to a disgusting snot consistency but I persisted- I rinsed it out multiple times, shampooed twice, thought I had successfully recovered but there are still boogers in my hair. I will wash it again, but I totally regret buying this. I didn't get my receipt, or I would seriously be in Lush tomorrow asking for a refund. Be warned. Boogers.
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