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Keep blond hair (whether natural or, uh, peroxide-enhanced) from going brassy with our gorgeous, brightening hot oil treatment. Chamomile naturally brightens hair, while organic lemon juice enhances shine for brilliant, glossy locks, and safflower petals intensify your color for a real Hollywood finish. After treating your hair, you'll steal all the spotlights, just like Ms. Monroe.
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How to Use

1. Place your treatment in a heatproof container and boil some water in a kettle. 2. Slowly add several ounces of boiling-hot water to the solid treatment and stir gently using the wooden stick. Take your time, adding water as needed, and allowing the product to thicken until you're left with an empty stick and a rich, creamy treatment. This should take around five minutes. 3. When it's cool enough to touch, apply to dry hair and leave for around 20 minutes to allow the ingredients to get to work replenishing your hair. Shampoo out and admire your luscious locks! Made too much? Keep your mix for conditioning top-ups for up to four weeks.

Find your hair's new best friend.


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LOVE This Product!!!!

Bay Area | 2 months ago

This product was perfect for my hair! I have naturally blonde, thin, fairly oily hair so it is very hard to find products that help keep my hair soft and healthy without making it too oily or tacky. This hair mask helped bring out my blonde while helping heal my hair. I have about 4 feet of it so the ends can get dry and develop split ends. I also love how package free this product is! You just add water and save whatever you don't use
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Fresno, CA | 2 months ago

Verified Reviewer

My first ever lush product I bought today which turned into a disaster!!! I've washed it with dish soap now and luckily that helped but this product leaves your hair in a candle wax texture with dandruff like flakes! Wish I could get my money back.

Do not recommend this product

San Antonio, TX | 3 months ago

To start off, I would recommend this product to someone who has thinner hair and who heavily bleaches their hair. If that's not you, then don't buy this product. The treatment turned into a slime-like consistency and it left so much product buildup in my hair (after washing my hair three times with shampoo after using it and washing it again the next morning) that I couldn't run my fingers through my hair or even brush it without my hair breaking. There was this waxy residue that wouldn't go away no matter how much I washed and scrubbed my hair; it left my hair a huge greasy mess after it is all said and done. Unless the formula changes in the future, I will not be buying this treatment again.

This was awful!!

State college, pa | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

It turned into this gluey type glob that wouldn't rinse out and got all over my shower. I had to wash it several times and now my hair feels dry and flat. Terrible stuff. Soooo disappointed as a new buyer of Lush products. Wish I'd read the review first

Really unhappy with this

Toronto | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

The product doesn't give an amount of water or what the texture of finished product should be/look like so it's a guessing game. It took forever to wash out of my hair and once my hair was dry, I was left with greasy hair that needs to be washed sooner then I hoped I am very angry I wasted money on this hair mask, it just goes to show all natural isn't always the best way

So bad!

Washington | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Did I get a bad batch or something? I mean the smell is horrible and my hair and scalp feel like I dumped candle wax all is so bad and will not come out of my hair. I have no idea how a product like this could be for sale. I'm so confused because IT IS THAT BAD!

I wish I would have read the reviews first!!

Charleston, WV | 3 months ago

This product Will Not wash out!!! It's like chunks of stuff in my hair !!!!! I wish I would have never bought this :( I added boiling water and mixed as directed and now my hair is covered in a thick residue with chunks of the ingredients that resembles dandruff all throughout my hair and I have extensions....this is a nightmare. I have no idea how to wash this out...I have shampooed 3 times now with clarifying shampoo!!!!! Take this off the market!

not for me...

Vancouver | 4 months ago

I received this as a gift and when I mixed it with water it smelled terrible! usually lush products smell good :( i applied it on my dry hair and it was very clumpy. waited 20 mins and then TRIED to rinse it out. it took me 3 shampoos to get it out and when i looked at my hair after, it had little clumps of product at my scalp. and it actually dried my hair out an did nothing to help lighten it. i saved the rest and tried to mix it up again a week later, thinking that it maybe was something that i did. it doesn't keep very well. when i tried to add boiling water it stayed in a weird rubbery texture...dissapointed!

Sales rep tricked me

Louisville KY | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Great passive aggressive gift to give to someone. Seems nice on the outside but it is the WORST thing ever!!! It smells god awful like shrimp. It looks like vomit. And it is difficult to wash out. I read reviews while I was waiting on my hair to soak it in before washing it out. I saw that some had trouble washing it out so I took a pick into the shower with me to help break it up and get it out. I didn't think I had an issue with it. I thought wrong. My hair wet, felt fine. Didn't feel too much different. However I dried my hair (dry time was about the same) and there were flakes all over my head. It looks like I had a bad case of dandruff and I couldn't comb it out!! My hair feels heavy and greasy. If this is was "moisturized hair" feels like, then I don't want it! My hair still smells like shrimp and it makes me want to die. I'm not looking forward to getting up in the morning and seeing the damage my hair has done overnight before I have to go into work.

I wanted to love it, but...

Louisville KY | 4 months ago

I really wanted to love this because I believe in Lush products, but I can't say I would recommend or buy again. When I asked the rep at the store if they made a product that would help with my dry frizzy hair (its thick, long, naturally straight, with blonde highlights) she suggested this. It seemed so neat so purchased it and went home to try. Its vague as to how much water to add, so I used enough to make it a mask/conditioner consistency. I put it on and waited an hour before washing out. The stick says 20 minutes but the rep said the longer I keep it on, the better results. After I shampooed it out it was still very grimy so I shampooed again. It was still a little funny feeling but I went with it. I let it air dry and it just felt like it had a waxy residue. While my hair feels moisturized, it did not help with the frizz or flyaways and I cant get over the waxy feel. Not for me
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