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Itchy, dandruff-ridden scalps are a literal pain. When scales build up on the scalp and can't be removed with shampooing, this is the scalp treatment you need. This supremely soothing ointment of coconut oil, candelilla wax and chamomile blue oil calms and moisturizes scalps while salicylic acid (formed naturally from meadowsweet) softens dry, flaky buildup so it can be washed out more easily. Anyone with a dry, troubled scalp will find relief after using this super treatment.
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Massage onto your dry scalp, leave on for 20 minutes then shampoo out.


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Effective, but does leave some residue.

Washington DC | 12 days ago

I apply this on my dry scalp and let it sit for 20-30 minutes before hopping in the shower. It does take a little more effort than my everyday shampoo to get all the residue out, but I will take it for the relief it gives to my itchy scalp. Just don't use it on days where you need to go somewhere because I always inevitably miss a spot that ends up looking a little greasy.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Staple since 2015

Utica, MI | 13 days ago

This saves my dandruff! I get dry dandruff on my scalp, even when it's clean. I put this treatment on every time I wash my hair (2 times a week) and I'm good for 2-3 days no wash. I have thick, dry, south Asian hair. This has been in my rotation scene 2015. It's expensive, but lasts 3 months.
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one of the better products

Ottawa | 23 days ago

use this for seborrheic dermatitis and find that it helps remove scales. the old formula was more potent and worked better for the same price. bring back the old formula!
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Great product for eczema and itchy scalp

Saskatoon | 1 month ago

Love this product. But the key is to put it on your scalp not through your hair. If your hair is long, take your time by parting your hair In multiple places and apply the product directly to the scalp
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SO waxy

Seattle, WA | 3 months ago

I made the mistake of trying this before New Years, ended up cancelling all plans when it turned my fine wavy/curly hair into straight greasy clumps, like I'd been living in a cave for months. REAL BAD LOOK. Took weeks to completely get rid of it.

What a relief.

WA | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

In my 30 years I have never had scalp problems until I had my first child. My skin and scalp took a hit, I looked for any remedy I could try. I use lush soap bars religiously so after reading up on this product I decided to give it a try. I apply a dime size amount onto my fingertips and massage into target areas on my scalp, I really try to avoid applying this treatment on my hair, my roots usually take a hit but after washing it out with my soap bar twice it removes any residue for me. I feel like I'm back to normal with this balm, the itchiness and flakes are under control. Thank you Superbalm!
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Give it a chance — you will love it.

Orange County, CA | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I first tried Superbalm on an ex-boyfriend who used anti-dandruff shampoo religiously, which caused his hair to be greasy and lifeless. Superbalm, along with other Lush products I grabbed at the store, made his tight curls spring back into life AND his scalp hydrated and happy. I revisited Superbalm recently for myself after noticing flakes in my bangs. After having the same issue as other reviewers with the wax staying in my hair regardless of shampoos, I browsed Lush's YouTube channel. Not sure why this is not listed on the product or this page, but they suggest to get Superbalm out, put shampoo in your hair when it is dry and THEN wash it all out in the shower. It also looked like their rep applied Superbalm on his scalp dry. I tried this method and that actually got all of the Superbalm out. So! Give Superbalm a shot. Don't give up if there's residue left. Your scalp will thank you.
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Impossible to wash out

Montreal | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I had to shampoo 6 times for my hair not to look greasy and dirty after using this... I use Lush's Montalbano shampoo bar, which usually cleans really well. But my scalp is probably even drier now from all the scrubbing I had to do to be presentable at work.

Would give it a 0 if I could

Boston. MA | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Don't buy this product! It's made of wax and sticks to your hair. Impossible to get out. The top of my head feels hard and oily. Not sure how many washes. Will take it to get it out. I love lush but this product is NOT it.


Texas | 3 months ago

I used this once for my flaky patches and it worked. Yes, it's greasy but I used Rehab shampoo with it and it cut the grease really well. I will definitely be using this again if needed.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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