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Henna Hair Dyes
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Made with all-natural ingredients, Marron is the perfect starter henna for those who want to go red, but aren't quite brave enough to take the plunge just yet. Instead, Marron will ease you in gently with the perfect balance of daring red and a modest rich brown all while softening, conditioning and adding glorious shine. We blend fair trade cocoa butter with the finest Persian black and red hennas and ground coffee to darken the red of the henna and create a beautifully rich, traffic-stopping shade.
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See the article below for our complete step-by-step guide to getting beautiful henna-hued tresses.

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Can't live without marron henna hair dye!!!

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Billings, MT | 1 month ago

I have been using lush henna hair dye for a couple years now and it's something I cannot live without. One bar covers my long hair completely. I chop up the bar into tiny pieces to help with mixing. I wrap my hair up in Saran Wrap once applied, and then stay busy for 3-4 hours. It's messy in the shower but rinses off easily! I also lay newspapers or wax paper on the floor around me before applying for easy clean up!! It leaves my hair beautifully dyed and very soft and shiny. No damage!! Covers the few grays I have and I have beautiful red highlights with my natural brown. No other hairstylist has ever been able to match my hair color better than henna. It looks completely natural and my long fine hair down to my tail bone/ hips stays healthy without the chemical dyes hair salons use. My hair has never looked or felt better!! I'll never let another hair dye touch my hair!!! I'm a lushie for life. I always keep stocked up on marron henna and every 3 months I treat myself and transform my hair into gorgeousness!!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

READ THIS, it will be helpful to know this before buying

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Hickory, NC | 1 month ago

First of all Henna changed the color of your hair depending on your hair tone. I have honey colored hair naturally but I get whites/grays now. I want to cover them without dumping a bunch of chemicals on my head. With this being said, people who have ever used Henna knows it has a bit of an earthy smell to it. This BY FAR, smells the best. My husband even said he was relieved because the stuff I used to buy at a major online retailer (you know the one) smelled terrible, but I used it religiously because the whites and grays keep coming lol. I decided to try this but was kind of appalled at the price point. I wont ever go back to the cheap stuff I used to buy. It's worth every penny. This smells like Rosemary, and other botanicals. It's in cocoa butter and my hair feels AMAZING. Yeah I know they say henna does that, but every henna I have used never made my hair feel this way. Here's another important thing to remember. DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR WITH SHAMPOO when rinsing it out. Get a good emollient conditioner and make sure every bit is removed. It's a labor of love you will be happy. Also Henna takes a 72 hours to "develop on the hair" it WILL deepen its colors. Do not wash your hair for 72 hours with shampoo. Conditioner is fine. When mixing this, I used a glass bowl and wood spoon. I used a kettle with HOT WATER. Make sure it's completely dissolved It will look like brownie batter. But you dont want it TOO WET. It will drip down your face. Make sure you cover the roots first. Then the rest of your hair. Dig in and really rub it around. Make sure it does not DRY OUT. I always plastic wrap my entire head and then use a scarf or knit dark shirt to cover my plastic wrap so I dont look weird walking around the house. YOU MUST WAIT 2 hours if you want the right affect. Henna responds best to heat, please do not let it dry out and become hard like clay. Cover your head. There's lots of resources out there on how to use Henna and reviews with tips. This is how I got started

TO PEOPLE WHO GET HENNAS...........................

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vancouver | 1 month ago

once you get a henna, thats it........................hennas do not wash out , dye out, etc. it stays for good. no matter what you do to try to get a new color it wont work. there are only a few salons that know how to color over a henna. read before you get one. its permanent ..........

I really like this

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Ajax | 1 month ago

So here's the thing I understand some of the more negative reviews because this is extremely messy to use and honestly is quite uncomfortable while it's actually sitting on your head (it's really heavy and leaks down your face because of the heat on your head). It is also annoying to rinse out. If you are using henna hair dye you already need to be aware that it's messy it just comes with the territory. It's like putting a mud mask on your head. But it has a lot of benefits for your hair, it makes your hair super soft and conditioned and shiny. It is vegan (which is most important to me) and also has no chemicals. It actually adds benefits to your hair rather than fry it. My hair is already naturally dark brown with some greys. It doesn't look maroon on me, it pulls like a brownish copper colour which is really nice. This does not turn your greys brown you need to keep that in mind. But what it does do is turn your greys into a really nice coppery colour that blends nicely with the rest. I think next time I will add a few squares of the rouge colour in the mix to get it to go more red than copper. For rinsing don't try and do it with shampoo use conditioner to help slip the coffee grounds out of your hair. And most importantly if you are using henna just know that you are committing to using henna. You can't go back and forth using bleach and changing up your colour it will be a terrible scene of regret if you put bleach over the top of it trust me. It will turn your hair into a corn broom. So long story short if you are using henna for the long term and for the right reasons of wanting a vegan chemical free option for dying and blending in greys while benefitting your hair then it will be worth the time and effort.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

great product!

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Spruce Grove | 2 months ago

I put a lot of the henna paste on my hair, left it on for 4 hours under a shower cap. Very happy with the result. It's slightly more red than my natural light brown, grey is gone, my hair is very soft and I'm happy. Will definitely use this again.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great color, but pricey for henna.

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Edmonton | 2 months ago

I loved the color. I usually use powder henna which retails for 6 bucks but I wanted to be sure of the color and the lack of metals so I splurged on this. I'm glad I did, I love the subtle red tint on my chocolate brown hair.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Redder than expected.

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Bishop, CA | 2 months ago

If you don't want red hair, don't get the Marron shade. Been contemplating using henna on my hair for years. 150-something days of quarantining and I finally got around to it! My hair is naturally a warm medium brown with a good amount of grey. Also super fine, thin, and straight as a board. I use the Marron henna bar as directed, left on four hours with my head wrapped in a cotton handkerchief. Hoped that the cotton would let in enough oxygen for the indigo to set, but apparently it did not. Now my greys are orange, the brown chestnut, and the ashy sun-faded parts somewhere in between. Overall it looks pretty darn natural, redhead-wise; just not what I was hoping for. Should've used Brun, but oh well: it's not like anyone is going to see me during the pandemic anyway! My superfine hair does feel a little thicker, which is awesome and the main reason I've wanted to try henna. I plan on buying again, but probably the Brun shade, not wrapped in anything next time.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great results

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San Diego, Ca | 3 months ago

I've used the henna twice. Planning my next application now. Covid quarantine has me turning a little grey. I remember the previous times that I used lush henna my hair was incredibly soft after and smelled great. The color was rich, and as a side effect, my hair grew about 4 inches that summer. I'm hoping my next attempt will be as successful. I do miss getting it done in the store because it's a mess but I'll be outside this time.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Covid Color for the Win!

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Michigan | 3 months ago

I wanted a natural product that I could do myself since the salons are closed because of Covid. I thought this would be a great time to try red. Like the other reviews, it's messy & heavy. I kept it on my mousy brown w/blond highlights (and gray!). It turned out a bright orange but I tried not to panic as everyone said it continues to change. Sure enough, after 2 days it settled into a fun red head. The best part is my naturally wavy/curly hair still curls up great! When getting chemical highlights I always lose my curls for several weeks. This left my hair feeling healthy and shiny!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Difficult to wash off

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Toronto | 3 months ago

I have been using Lush for years now so I thought why not give Lush Henna a try. I bought the Caca Maroon and here is my take on it. So I got the 6 pieces Maroon block and ended up using 1/3 of it. I have shoulder length, black hair with few grey strands. I did everything according to the instructions and applied it just like I was asked to. But when it came to the rinsing off part - it was a big problem. I wasn't able to rinse off as quickly as the regular henna powder. This was too greasy and all that cocoa butter made it too difficult to wash off the dried henna and ground coffee ..even with the shampoo. I also lost a bit of hair which isn't that common when you use henna. In fact, henna is supposed to prevent hair fall and dandruff. As for the stain, since I have used Red Henna before ..the Indigo in Caca Maroon covered up my few grey strands with coppery brownish colour instead of bright orange. And overall my hair turned slightly auburn in colour that you can only see in bright sunlight. So not too disappointed about the colouring part. Also, the smell isn't all that great unless you are into those aromatic incense sticks. Then again, you don't smell like grass/dried leaves like you would with regular henna. So would I buy it again for 40 bucks (including taxes and shipping)? Probably not.
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