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For a mysterious blue-black gloss
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The darkest of our henna blocks, Noir is made from fair trade cocoa butter, the finest Persian henna and deep blue indigo hues to leave hair soft, glossy and deeply conditioned. Those with dark hair will notice a rich blue-black tint throughout, and the more you use it, the more the color intensifies. After the first use, your hair will turn several shades darker, but to truly release your dark side, apply every 4-6 weeks.
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Just, WOW

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Austin, Tx | 6 days ago

I am amazed. I waited a year to try this because of my doubts. Once the grays started to really accumulate, I just decided to go for it, why not? Especially because I am super paranoid about traditional hair treatments; full of carcinogens and damaging chemicals. I had to look like a troll for three and a half hours, but oh my goodness: totally worth it! My hair is so soft, it covered all my grays and my scalp is finally in a comfortable state. It had been itchy and dry for months, no matter the treatments I gave. My hair is very fine and this henna dye is magical. I can not recommend this enough. It's part of my Lush tab indefinitely.
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I will definitely buy this again

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Montréal | 20 days ago

The only thing is the waiting time that is long. You have to have the day or night because it is long time to wait. First time I do this. My hair was medium brown with a little bit of purple.I have alot of hair and I have them a little down my shoulders. I use a grater to grate half of the block of Henna. I took the NOIR. I poured gradually a little bit of boiling water and whisk it for 5 minutes adding hot water gradually to have a smooth texture. Like melted chocolate. Applied generously on my hair and waited 4h30. without covering my hair, with a towe on my shoulders. I rinsed then put Lush conditionner, then shampoo twice then conditionner. again. My hait really took the color. My hair is super shinny deep dark brown with nice blue reflect. My hair looks and feels llike super healthy. The shine and the softnest is increible. I recommanded. One of the best product I bought here..
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Love Lush's Noir

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virginia | 23 days ago

I have been using this product for about 6 months. I am so happy with it and will continue buying. I have used numerous henna products over the years and this is by far the easiest to work with, in my opinion. The color is not as intense as you might get with a 2 step process (henna first, then indigo), but the creamy paste it makes with the cocoa butter makes it so much easier to work with that I consider it a fair trade. I use 1/6 of a block on my roots, grate it with a cheese grater, and add hot water. I apply it to my roots with a paintbrush - I try to work relatively quickly because it does tend to dry out and you have to add more hot water. I put on a wig cap and then a sleeping cap and sleep with it in. I have found that after 6 months of use, my hair is a very dark brown/black (my hair was already a dark color and I just find it easier to keep applying at the top of my head only and it doesn't really fade significantly as it grows out).
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


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New York, NY | 1 month ago

I was hesitant to use this product because of all the reviews claiming that it was pointless, but I'm glad I took the $30 risk. Noir gave me just what I was looking for! It made my my already dark brown hair just a shade or two darker--and super soft too, with fewer splits! The color definitely trends away from red, but I don't see a truly prominent blue-black tone either. It seems to have blurred the sun damage (brassy highlights, split ends, flyaways--remind me to wear a hat outside...) right out! I followed the directions loosely (using only 1/6th of the block; grating instead of cutting into chunks; no double boiler, only hot water; water down the paste a bit more than recommended) and left it in my hair for just over two hours, uncovered. I was in the sun for most of that time, which might've made some difference too. I painted it onto sections of my hair with a pastry brush (desperate times...), but next time I think I'll try making a very dilute slurry in a bowl and just dip my head into it? I wouldn't say the pastry brush method is too messy, but I was also careful to cover the bathroom counter with newspaper. It didn't dye my skin either. It's been 3 weeks and I haven't noticed any letup in the color or shine/smoothness yet. There's not enough difference in my natural color vs henna color to make any growth really visible at my hairline.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Does not cover gray hair

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Ottawa | 1 month ago

I am a big fan of Lush but I am terribly disappointed in this product. It does not do anything that it says it does. I do not want to use chemical hair coloring products so I thought henna would be my resort. But even after setting it on my hear for over six hours then try to build up on it a week later with more six hours, I still can see gray hair. Although I don't have much of it but it's still annoying that I went through all this trouble with no results.

Don't waste your money

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NY | 2 months ago

I have black hair so I decided to go with noir to cover my grays and left it on for five hours. Not only it didn't cover my grays but some of my hair strands turned reddish orange 😩 What a disappointment!

Does not wrk

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Victoria | 2 months ago

Followed the directions, left it on for 6 hours and it did absolutely nothing to my hair. Waste of money and time. Clearly the noir block doesn't work! They need to recall this product.

My best application yet! Very fresh Henna Block

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ohio | 2 months ago

Hey Lushies! I have used this brand of henna for at least 3yrs. Yes it can be a bit messy. but with the right tools and a steady hand, clean up is a breeze. I only need one piece of the henna block per application. I boil my water in a kettle. Then I cut my henna block into smaller pieces. Add boiling water (Little at a time) Stir, let cool and use gloves. Gloves will help your hands from getting messy and keep henna from getting under your nails. My Noir color comes out black and shiny. and I love how it conditions and penetrate my natural 4c hair. Thanks Lush!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Not the same product it was 20 years ago.

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Honolulu, HI | 2 months ago

I last used Lush Noir henna almost 2 decades ago and got beautiful results. Stuck at home with the virus, I tried it again - and the Noir is just not the same, meaning it just doesn't work. The color does not take whatsoever. After two hours under a shower so covered with a towel wrap, my hair is the exact same color it was before. I will try again in the next few days trying to mimic the directions from years ago when I last used this.

Not getting this product again

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Woodbridge, VA | 3 months ago

I picked up some of the noir henna because I have a really hard time getting my gray hair (I'm Asian Indian) to accept color and I wanted to give the product a try. I mixed up the paste and let it sit for a few hours to get the pigment to activate. I applied it to my hair as a thick paste and kept it on for two hours. It didn't do anything; my gray hair stayed gray. I also found the packaging really inconvenient since this henna is sold as a block that you have to cut up instead of an easy to use powder. I won't be purchasing this again.
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