Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash

Avocado Co-Wash

Avocado-cocoa butter mashup
3.9 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 05940
Self Preserving
Wash and condition in one creamy step! The perfect balance of cleansing and hydrating ingredients leaves hair weightlessly moisturized without stripping away natural oils. Fresh avocados and a nourishing mix of cupuaçu butter, cocoa butter and shine-enhancing cider vinegar define curls, tame frizz and leave locks gleaming. Plus, its fruity bergamot scent will keep your mood sunny, too!
Since 2012, our shampoo bars have saved 22.5 million plastic bottles from being produced. That's 620 tonnes, or the weight of six blue whales!
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Avocado Co-Wash

How to Use

Slide directly over wet hair or create a creamy lather in your hands first. Massage in to hair and scalp to distribute evenly then rinse thoroughly.

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Smells Amazing but...

PA | 5 days ago

The wax is a bit of a deal breaker. It keeps breaking off in my shower and I'm pretty sure the first time I used it I got wax in my hair so... that's not great. I'd deff buy this again if they could come up with a diff way of 'packaging' it.

Not for me

Cary NC | 6 days ago

Never review products, but i thought I'd give buyers a warning. This product is DEEPLY moisturizing, and if you don't have dry hair, this will leave your hair greasy after it's dried. I have fine, thick hair and the day after washing my hair was greasyyyy. So sad, I would recommend this product with people with drying hair, maybe the 3a-4c curl ladies and lads, but not girls with Thin hair. Besides that, the product smelled great and applied nicely, just lather in your hands

Hello again bouncy curls!

Montana | 8 days ago

Oh boy, I am so happy with this! I finally cut down to two shampoo washes a week before trying this stuff. I have roughly 2C curls, but live in a dry climate, which restricts my curls, and have rather thin hair, so I can't use much product. This stuff doesn't lather much, but you can rub it right on your scalp. It makes my hair feel clean like shampoo and is surprisingly light enough that my hair is fluffy and bouncy with defined curls and waves.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

My hair feels so much healthier!

Oregon | 11 days ago

Granted, I have to wash my hair with some really hard water (I can't even drink it it's so hard) so I don't think I'm getting the full experience, but so far, even with the hard water my hair is so much softer. I've started only washing it every 5 days or so and it definitely doesn't get as greasy as fast, and it takes to dry shampoo much easier than before. There was a bit of a learning curve with using it. What I've found works the best is to use the bar directly on your hair, then get your hands wet and rub the bar and then get the hard to reach spots like, under the top layer of hair. Then I take a really thick comb and brush my hair out several times and massage my hair to help spread the shampoo. I also use the comb to help make sure I've washed it all out since you can't really tell. I have long, super thick, wavy hair.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I love this product, but buy in stores ONLY!

Nebraska | 13 days ago

I use this product on my naturally curly hair to keep the frizz down and it hydrated. Since Covid-19 I had to order online and have the Co-Wash shipped. It must have gotten hot in transit because it's not as firm as when I purchased it in the store. It still does the job but it's more slimy after use like the bar should be. If possible purchase in the store to avoid the heat during transit.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I ONLY use this for my thick wavy/curly hair.

Lebanon, NH | 1 month ago

I had tried all sorts of curl specific lines and will never go back to them. Avocado is super moisturizing but doesn't make my hair greasy even after multiple days post wash. I originally planned to do a real shampoo once a week but its not needed. I ONLY use Avocado! It leaves my hair soft, smooth, and manageable.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

It's nice

Seattle, wa | 1 month ago

I really like the smell of this one. I'm trying to move to cowashing so it's a process to train my hair and not to use shampoo and conditioner. I know it says it doesn't lather but that issue does make it harder to spread through the hair. I also don't like the wax on it, it just gets in the way. My hair feels soft and looks nice but since I'm just starting this it does get kind of oily fast. It's also kind of tiny so that's eh
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I am still finding red wax all over my bathroom!

Vancouver | 1 month ago

This was horrible! It did not lather enough to clean my long hair, and the wax got everywhere!!!!

Worked well with my hair

Omaha, NE | 1 month ago

I loved this product from the first use! The smell is amazing, very fresh! I have short, fine hair that needs some texture so this is perfect! I can rub it through my hair/on my hair then I massage in and rinse! My hair doesn't need much product after the washing and I can just dry and style.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I will buy this product again and again and again and...

Rochester NY | 1 month ago

There is such a difference between the store-bought shampoos made with chemicals and the lush shampoo bar. This avocado shampoo is the most amazing thing ever. My hair is very thick and wavy and the shampoo tamed my wild mane perfectly, I don't think I can live with out this product! 🥑🥑🥑
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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