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Go bananas for soft hair
4.3 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 03739
Self Preserving
For damaged, over-processed, colored, bleached and fragile hair, Blousey is a gentle, non-stripping shampoo. It cleanses hair in the gentlest way, while locking in moisture with a huge helping of mashed fresh bananas, cocoa and cupuacu butters. These rich, nourishing and softening ingredients help bring damaged hair back to life and keep your locks in top shape.
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How to Use

Apply a small amount to the hair, work into a lather, then rinse thoroughly.

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293 Reviews
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Gentle shampoo

Austin, Tx | 16 days ago

Very gentle shampoo, leaves my hair feeling soft and clean with a light herbal rose scent. It lathers less that the other shampoos and find it easier to work with if you add water while you lather it in
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Don't know what I would do without it!!!

San Bruno, CA | 21 days ago

I love this shampoo! I honestly was not a huge fan of this shampoo the first couple of times I used it but now I don't see myself ever changing shampoos again. My hair is a little weird, as in my roots are pretty thin especially around where my hair naturally parts, and the ends of my hair is pretty thick. This shampoo gently cleans the roots of my hair but also moisturizes the ends of my hair, so much so that I don't feel the need for conditioner. This shampoo has also helped my scalp, as in my roots have turned out to be less oily, so I can go much longer without washing my hair, I use to have to wash every other day now I was my hair 1-2 times a week. As far as the smell goes, you can definitely smell the clover, I would say it's the dominant smell. If you have thin hair, this shampoo is definitely worth a try.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Definitely buying again

New York | 1 month ago

Something worth the price. Hair smells and feels so good after using this product. Very happy with it and would buy again.. (price quite steep)
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Where's the lather?

Philadelphia, PA | 5 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I recently tried Blousey for the first time. I took a nice size scoop and rubbed it in my hands to create a lather as the 'how to use' instructed. Well, no lather! I used more but still no success. I put it on my head and just massaged it through my hair. It honestly felt like I was using conditioner. I was so afraid my hair was going to be weighed down but luckily it wasn't. My hair turned out nice and soft so I was very impressed. I'm just stumped as to why the product didn't lather up. Also, I didn't get any banana scent at all. It was kinda medicinal in my opinion.

One of the best Lush shampoos for dry hair.

Seattle | 6 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Love the smell. Is gentle on my curly grey hair and does not strip the natural oils My hair feels clean without frizzyness. Only downsides are the cost, and the need to purchase online, so I don't buy as frequently as I would like.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Best shampoo ever!!

Oklahoma | 6 months ago

I love this shampoo! I feel that it lathers up great and smells SOOOO amazing. The smell stays on my hair all day too and leaves my hair soft and shiny. My favorite ever.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

This is the best shampoo ever

Orlando, FL | 6 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I have a very delicate hair, very thin but also it curl and tangle very easily... this shampoo is my dream option to wash my hair at home
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Pure Magic!

Clarkston, MI | 7 months ago

I have searched for several years to find a shampoo that softens my dry ends and works equally well on my oily scalp. THIS IS IT! Blousey works like magic. The fullness it imparts on my locks is unmatched. Order this today. You will be glad you did.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Best shampoo ever!

Sacramento, CA | 7 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Blousey is amazing! It's the only shampoo that has given my fine hair volume, and I've tried many brands and lines. I love the smell, and throughout the day I get a beautiful whiff of my fluffy hair. I'm disappointed this isn't carried in store anymore, and would be devastated if it's discountinued. Nothing has ever made my hair feel so healthy and full.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Please, PLEASE! Bring this back in stores!

Bradenton, fl | 8 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I just recently bought this after not having it for about 2 years. I couldn't figure out why my hair hasn't been as nice as it used to be, then it clicked. This was missing from my hair care routine. Roots, then Blousey, followed by retread, then finished off with some R&B is the perfect formula for my frizzy wavy/curly hair. Not gonna lie, i disliked the smell at first and the fact that it doesn't lather as much as most shampoos. It was hard to get used to my hair being clean without a sudzy lather. But that was easy to get oved because the wonders it did for my hair. I would much prefer to purchse this in stores as it always makes me weary to order online. So please, bring it back to stores, and for the love of odin, please do not discontinue, i will cry.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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